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‘My 600-Lb. Life’ Fans Call Attention To Lack Of Fitted Sheets

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Since My 600-Lb. Life first came on the air, fans have seen patients from many different walks of life. But even though they all have major differences, many of them also have similar traits and living situations.

But in a recent Reddit thread, one viewer pointed out that the guests often don’t have fitted sheets. But why is that? Keep reading to see what the internet had to say on the matter.

My 600-Lb. Life patients sometimes have difficulty with tasks

Many patients featured on My 600-Lb. Life admit that they have trouble completing everyday tasks. So it’s not unfathomable that many wouldn’t be able to stretch a fitted sheet over a mattress. But even so, one Redditor brought it up in a discussion thread online.

“Why the lack of fitted sheets on mattresses?” the original Reddit user asked. “My wife and I have pretty much seen every episode and we’ve noticed that more often than not the patients’ mattresses at home are always uncovered. Is this a thing in the US? We’re in the UK and find it super weird.”

Fitted sheets are typically the norm here in the United States as well, but not everyone can manage them. And that’s precisely what a few Redditors pointed out.

My 600-Lb. Life from TLC
My 600-Lb. Life/TLC

“I developed a fungal lung infection back in March, which totally sapped my energy, and I still struggle to put on a fitted mattress pad and sheet without exhausting myself, even though I can pretty much do everything else. Putting one on your bed at 600 lbs is seemingly impossible,” someone replied to the OP. Others chimed in and said that fitted sheets have an awkward shape and often make it difficult to stretch across the bed without help.

“Precisely correct,” another user added. “We take it for granted but I know I personally never look forward to the workout I’m about to get when putting on a fitted sheet.”

What do fans want to see out of future episodes?

In recent years, some My 600-Lb. Life fans have complained that the quality of episodes has gone downhill. In earlier seasons, guests seemed determined to make progress, no matter what it took. But fans noticed that there seem to be more unsuccessful cases these days.

Steven Assanti from TLC
My 600-Lb. Life/TLC

Of course, one theory is that TLC is actually exploiting guests and casting people that they know won’t be successful. After all, fans online tend to say their favorite episodes are the ones where the guests are outrageous and uncooperative.

Fans may have different preferences, but one thing is certain — nearly every fan wishes new episodes of Where Are They Now would come out.

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