Lifetime’s ‘Lies Between Friends’ Stars Hallmark’s Peter Benson

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Lifetime’s latest thriller, Lies Between Friends stars Hallmark’s Peter Benson (Aurora Teagarden, Just One Kiss), Zibby Allen (Virgin River, Grey’s Anatomy), and Matreya Scarrwener (Cradle Did Fall, Andie The Great) in a terrifying chiller.

Lauren Balson Carter (Deadly Cheer Mom, My Favorite Christmas Melody) wrote the script, and Ann Forry (Psycho Intern, Shall We Play?) is the director.

Ready to let a teen terror frighten the wits out of you?

What Is Lifetime’s Lies Between Friends About?

According to IMDb, a wealthy family agrees to allow the 18-year-old daughter of a family friend to come live with them. This is only for a few months, but this has completely upended their lives.

When Can You Watch Lies Between Friends?

The premiere of Lies Between Friends is on Sunday, July 31, at 8 p.m., Eastern, on Lifetime.


Hallmark’s Peter Benson, Virgin River’s Zibby Allen Laughed Through Filming

Working on a Lifetime thriller is intense, right? That is unless you are Peter Benson and Zibby Allen. On Sunday, on Instagram, Peter wrote, “Check out this fun thriller Lies Between Friends tonight on @lifetimetv! For a serious little film, I had way too many laughs with the incomparable @zibbyloo. What an absolute treat to work with you my friend. Also loved @matreyascarrwener who gives a fantastic performance. Big thanks to our leader @annforry and the whole crew!”

In return, Zibby Allen wrote on her Instagram page on Saturday about working on this movie, and laughing despite the terror plot of this movie.

Lies Between Friends premiers tomorrow night on @lifetimetv in the U.S. It’s a thriller movie you guys🔪🫣 But the real thrill for me was working with sir @peterbenson889 who made me laugh so stupid much! It was maybe the first time ever that I felt legit terror that I might not actually manage to get through this scene without breaking. Also, the lovely @matreyascarrwener plays our highly suspicious house guest disturbingly well… 😳

Peter responded to her post declaring how hard he laughed as well, despite the terror in this movie plot.

@zibbyloo – the pleasure was all mine my friend! What an absolute joy it was going on this ride with you. I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time which is weird because there’s nothing funny about this movie 😂 You are an absolute delight and I hope we get to do it again 🙂

Lifetime’s Lies My Sister Told Me

Want to start your Sunday Lifetime thrillers early? Tune in at 6 p.m., Eastern on Sunday, July 31, for Lies My Sister Told Me. This stars Nicole Marie Johnson, Kate Edmonds, Scout Smith, Tara Warren, and Jonathan Stoddard.

According to IMDb, “A woman escapes from a mental hospital, intent on getting back the life she thinks was stolen from her by her twin sister. Instead, she walks into her worst nightmare.”

You have been warned!

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