‘Chainsaw Man’ Anime Trailer Gets An Official Release Date

chainsaw man manga cover art
Nick Davis

Chainsaw Man is one of the biggest new mangas in the world. Since its premiere in 2018, it has become almost impossible to avoid hearing rave reviews in the manga community. It gets consistent praise for its intensely gory action scenes and wild characters, but with very human drama. So the question for the last couple of years hasn’t been if a Chainsaw Man anime is coming, but how soon can we get it? The answer is very, very soon. Now the anime world is on the edge of its seats in anticipation.

Thankfully, we won’t have to wait much longer for our very first look at the show. A release date for the trailer came to the surface recently. It might be the most hype for just a trailer of something that any new anime has ever gotten.

Chainsaw Man Trailer Soon

Tweets came out recently from both the official Chainsaw Man Twitter account, as well as the account for popular anime studio MAPPA, giving a release date for the trailer. MAPPA, the studio behind the Chainsaw Man adaptation, will be doing a global live stream on August 5th where the trailer will premiere for the very first time. The announcement of this came along with some intense and exciting promotional art (shown below). It is very likely that a premiere date for the first season is coming along with the trailer on the 5th. Fans are hopeful that we’ll at least get the first few episodes this year.

chainsaw man anime promo art
Promotional art for the upcoming ‘Chainsaw Man’ anime recently put on social media

Chainsaw Man is a story about a man who gains the ability to transform parts of his body into chainsaws via contact with a “devil”. He then goes on to fight other devils with strange and powerful abilities wherever they threaten the world. The manga has sold over 13 million copies worldwide.

The Bloodiest Anime On TV

Chainsaw Man is undoubtedly a violent and gory tale full of ground-up enemies and viscera. It’s a story about a man with chainsaw appendages who fights through equally strange combatants. So that should come as no surprise. Fans of the mange have had a little worry that MAPPA would tone down the over-the-top violence of the story to try and give it a broader appeal. Thankfully, there is a promise from the creative team to make a faithful adaptation that doesn’t shy away from any explicit content. Hopefully, that promise is kept and we get an anime that is as endearing and bloody as its source material.

The release date of Chainsaw Man Season 1 is still yet unknown. The trailer is coming on August 5th, and it’s likely that a release date will come alongside the trailer.

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