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The Anime Lineup For Fall 2022 Is Legendary

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Nick Davis

It’s rare that anime fans have a time that everyone can equally look towards with excitement and eagerness. There’s a tension in the air right now with the knowledge of how many shows are coming this fall. Not only are we getting the continuation of some of the most popular existing anime titles. But we’re also getting the first season of a new anime that has had hype building towards the adaptation of its manga for years now.

Let’s take a look at some of the great and exciting names that are getting new seasons this fall. No matter what type of anime fan you are, there should be something here to get you on the edge of your seat for this fall.

The Anime Of Fall 2022

Superhero anime fans are certainly already aware that Season 6 of My Hero Academia is coming this October. It’s one of the most successful superhero anime of all time. Season 5 ended not too long ago and fans are already very excited for this new season.

My Hero Academia- World Heroes' Mission feature
‘My Hero Academia’

Any fans of classic anime will almost certainly know that Bleach is making a return this fall as well. It’s been a long time coming, and now the Thousand Year Blood War is finally getting an adaptation. Bleach fans have wanted this for years, ever since the anime ended back in 2012. It took 10 years, but it’s finally here.

On top of those already huge names getting new seasons, there’s more. Fans looking for new titles are in for good stuff if they like horror or crazy monster fights full of gore. Both Chainsaw Man and Uzumaki are finally getting anime adaptations. Uzumaki is thought by many to be the greatest work of Junji Ito. Ito is considered by many to be the greatest horror writer ever to come out of Japan. Chainsaw Man was a brief, but highly successful manga that ran from 2018 to 2020 that is equal parts blood, fun, and insanity.

Chainsaw ManMy Hero Academia, & More

That still only scratches the surface of what’s coming this fall. Other highly anticipated releases coming include Mob Psycho 100Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, and even more episodes of Spy x Family. There’s going to be so much content coming out at once this fall that you may have trouble deciding what to watch first.

All of these titles, along with several others there wasn’t room to talk about, are all coming this fall. In North America, it’s likely all coming to Crunchyroll.

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