Mike Wolfe Heads Back To Iowa, Is He Visiting Frank Fritz?

Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz

American Pickers star Mike Wolfe announced to the show’s fans the news that Frank Fritz had a stroke and was in the hospital. He asked fans for their prayers, but this went across badly based on the problems that had risen between the two former friends over the last two years.

Frank had said in recent interviews that he had not spoken to Mike in two years and that his childhood friend had never even reached out to check on him after his back surgery. Instead, American Pickers fired Frank and left him injured and without a job. However, there looks like the two could finally going to bury the hatchet.

Mike Wolfe is in Iowa after Frank Fritz’s stroke

Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz on American Pickers

When Mike announced that Frank was in the hospital following a stroke, he asked fans for their prayers. He also mentioned there was a lot that happened between them over the last year. In an Instagram post, he wrote, “There has been lots of opinions in regards to mine and Frank’s friendship and the show but now is not the time to set the record straight. Now is the time to pray for my friend.”

Now, Mike has posted some photos that make it look like he is in Iowa, which is where Frank is hospitalized. In a photo posted today, Mike had a photo of his mom and daughter together, writing, “The two most important ladies in my life. Mama Wolfe and Baby Wolfe seeing them together brings tears of joy to my eyes. Everything else fades away and my world feels complete.”

Mike also posted an Instagram photo of a Riverboat in LeClaire, Iowa, and wrote, “Back in @visitleclaire Main Street on the Mississippi River.” With Mike back home, could Fritz’s medical emergency be the reason?

Mike Wolfe in Iowa

American Pickers fans want Mike and Fritz to make up

While fans have been quick to slam Mike Wolfe for how he treated Frank Fritz over the last two years, many American Pickers’ faithful just want them to make up and rekindle their friendship.

The 911 call for Frank came when a friend arrived at his Iowa home and found him on the floor. He called and said that Frank could not move or communicate and the American Pickers star was rushed to the hospital.

While Mike’s Instagram post asking for prayers received backlash from fans who felt he did Frank wrong, others were there for the two.

In the comments on the post, one fan wrote, “I’m so sorry to hear this and I hope the two of you were able to heal old wounds.”

Frank had said that he wanted to return to American Pickers, but nothing came of it. One wonders if this new medical emergency might convince Mike Wolfe to rekindle their friendship and finally patch things up.

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