‘American Pickers’ More Bad News For Mike Wolfe?

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Seems like things are going south for American Pickers star Mike Wolfe. After the show premiered in July with low ratings, the Antique Archeology owner’s store was hit with a complaint from a customer.

The 58-year-old owns two antique stores located in Le Claire, Iowa, and Nashville, Tennessee. In an exclusive by The Sun, Mike’s Nashville store has now been hit with a complaint registered at the Better Business Bureau. What’s next? Read on to find out.

Antique Archeology Customer Claims Store Accepted A ‘Higher Offer’

Back in January 2022, the customer claimed, “I made an online purchase from this company, and they accepted payment. Then they sent me a refund saying that someone else had bought it before me.”

They added, “I suspect they accepted a higher offer. And they provided no proof to the contrary. I just want them to honor the purchase like they originally did.”

Mike Wolfe YouTube

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However, a store representative cleared the air and commented on the Better Business Bureau website stating, “On 1/21/2022, two orders were placed for a****** Imala Movie Prop on our online site. Transaction****** connected to Order Number ***** was placed by a customer in Ohio at 12:27 pm for $1406.00.”

The rep continued, “Transaction ***** connected to Order Number ***** was placed by a [the customer] at 3:22pm for $1406.00. At 3:49 pm, the full refund was processed for $1406.00 with notes that item was already sold.”

The explanation further mentioned that they connected with the tech team to find out why both the orders were processed.

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[Source: YouTube]

They added, “The reply was that both customers put the item in their cart at the same time. However, they did not check out at the same time. We have a custom website and are working diligently to correct the flaw of having customers being able to add and check out single quantity items at the same time.”

Is Mike Wolfe’s Store Website Plagued By Technical Glitch?

The store representative further claimed that the customer emailed them enquiring about the refund. Additionally, they explained that the problem happened due to a technical error. They also attached time stamps proving that the orders were placed at different times and were given to the first one at the listed price.

Antique Archeology store has received mixed customer reviews for both its locations.

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This complaint hit the reality star amid rating trouble for the show American Pickers. Season 23 aired on January 1, 2022, with a total of 13 episodes. The first episode had 1,050,000 viewers, while the second episode garnered interest from 1,011,000 viewers.

After a hiatus, the show returned with the rest of Season 23 on July 9. However, the ratings were much lower than the first installment of Season 23. The July 9 episode had mere 833,000 views.

American Pickers Fans Miss Frank Fritz

Fans aren’t as pleased with the second installment of Season 23. One Twitter user dubbed the show Very dry and boring without Frank-scripted, no freestyling’; a very different show. I understand that he isn’t coming back, but you should have ended the original show and started a new one moving forward.”

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“Haven’t watched since 2020 when Frankie got canned. Not going to waste my time on this stuff ever again… I wish they would take this new garbage off the History Channel. It’s a great station,” another commented.

Do you think American Pickers lost its charm after Frank Fritz was fired? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!


Allie Johnson


  1. Frank lost his charm which he never had to start with. Mike is dry sense of humor. But not funny just thinks he is.

  2. I think without Frank n soooo many car Episodes it has changed his focus

  3. Frank is as much American Pickers as Mike is. Without Frank isn’t not the same. I don’t like that Jersey person can’t even remember his name. I don’t watch anymore at all. Maybe reruns when Frank was on the show.

  4. Mike’s treatment of Frank really soured me on the show. He seems to have forgotten his roots and what made him a success to begin with. He’s too busy with his Hollywood pals these days.

  5. I think Mike is a selfish,, self-serving person who would intentionally make Frank look foolish. In one show he said “One of the things I like to do is to amuse myself at Franks expense.” In addition, he almost got his own way, not caring what Frank might want. I think the show has degenerated into the Wolfe family show and I’m not interested in The Wolfe Brothers. Frank wasn’t perfect but I liked him.

  6. I don’t have a problem with the show but i do think Mike is more knowledgeable and isn’t hesitant to put down huge money for the bigger more entriguing purchases that draw my attention. Oil cans are cool but not that cool. Both are corny but not comedians in the least. My only opinion is, like the circus” the show must go on”.

  7. Danni and mikes brother ok in original roles. Don’t care to see out on road. Frank and mike carried the show. Show doesn’t have same appeal or interest.

  8. I too no longer watch. It isn’t the same without Frank. Maybe he can get his own show, “Picking with Frank”

  9. As with most of the people on this type of show as time goes on their ego’s get too big. They lose their original appeal as “regular people”. Mike’s head got too big and ever since the show is not the same. I have moved on!

  10. My wife and I loved the show
    We were fans of everyone
    We traveled from Arizona to both stores a few times over the years.
    But how they did Frank dirty We lost our interest.
    Loved Robbie but to fire Frank and give him Frank cut of the of the shows money was dirty.
    Now with Frank having a stroke We only pray he recovers
    but as the ratings drop and interest drops for all of us. Mike chimes in about his buddy. Where was he when Frank needed him before his stroke.

    Just saying it like I see it
    We loved everyone before all of this

  11. Folks …… you do know why Frank isn’t on the show anymore? Right ?
    Franks personal struggles are just that PERSONAL.
    Mike didn’t do him dirty .
    In face Mike has remained classy about what lead up too the channel removing Frank. It’s crazy how someone who knows nothing about the truth , end up being the loudest . Remember, it was / is a staged tv show for entertainment, nothing more .
    Please put the magnifying glass down, and pick up a mirror. I wish I all well

    1. You said this very well. If people are going to comment on things, they need to have all the facts from the situation.

  12. Without Frank the show lost its luster. The way it was done showed a side of Mike that was not pretty. Whatever reason he had to not tell Frank about it seemed rude and petty. I haven’t watched since.

  13. I thought Mike was a big HD man, than Indian when they gave him money to endorse, shows you he’s only in it for the money! Show sucks!

  14. Frank wasn’t my favorite character. I haven’t missed him. I like seeing Danielle, Mike’s brother, and others. I do not like seeing mostly old shows mixed in with some new.

  15. You know regard three stooges? What Moe did to Curly when curly has a stroke. Moe did something awfully hurting curly a note then the next day curly died. It is similar what Mike did to Frank. Maybe a phone call dirty remarks or a note? Who knows? I didn’t watch it because Mike has a new partner on the show.

  16. I don’t like the new American Pickers I watched Siri and Dave the new stuff is just not the same without Frank being there sorry just one guy

  17. No way does Robbie replace Frank. It just doesn’t work. They should either bring back Frank or quit. I watched for the first time since Frank left on 9/10/22 but realized it just has old clips with Frank. Won’t watch anymore.

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