‘Jeopardy!’ Ken Jennings Has The Need For Speed

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Just days after Jeopardy! host Ken Jennings was lauded for his improv skills, fans have now tapped into his weakness. What is it?

Viewers noted this unique ‘weakness’ in the host during the show’s July 28 episode. This happened after a big announcement was dropped about the game show’s hosting situation. As per the announcement, both Ken Jennings and Mayim Bialik will share the hosting duties for the upcoming season as well.

Is Ken Jennings Too Fast With His Response?

Jeopardy! ‘s Thursday episode was the second-to-last one for Season 38. With Ken Jennings being a popular choice as host among viewers, fans have always had an eye on him. In the episode, they spotted a pattern with the host that they noticed throughout the season as well.

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Talking about this pattern, one Reddit user noted, “The clue selection seems slow lately because Ken is so fast. He’s ruling them correct the split-second after the players respond, and they might need a moment. Some contestants aren’t always inclined to play the game at Ken’s speed,” they concluded.

Fans Ask Jeopardy! Host Ken To Slow Down

As per The Sun, contestant Katrina Hill, a Virginia-based non-profit professional, won her first game with $27K on Thursday. During the game, she buzzed in under the category ‘Starts with two vowels.’

The clue on the screen read, “It’s not exactly the same, but for a quick, easy way to make this is combine lemon, mayo, garlic & lemon juice.”

Katrina whipped up the correct answer and said, “What is: Aioli?”

Within a fraction of seconds, Ken responded, “Yes, starts with three vowels!”

The contestant smiled and took her time before continuing.

At another point in the game, a second player correctly guessed the clue, “What is Yarn?”

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To this, Ken immediately responded, “Yes, that is how you make yarn, you have $4400 and the lead.”

As the host sensed that the room was a bit overwhelmed with the quick responses, he said, “We’re going to take a quick break you can put down your signal buzzers and relax. We have these words for you, and then we’ll be right back.”

Addressing his accelerated talking speed, a fan wrote, “Ken Jennings talks too fast on Jeopardy.”

Another chimed in, “Ken Jennings is doing a good job on Jeopardy. Only one thing, Ken talk too fast. Slow down a bit, Ken!”

Fans Feel Ken Jennings Flexes His Knowledge

Throughout his stint as a host in Season 38, Ken has done much more than just talking fast. He seemingly couldn’t help but flex his knowledge. Plus, he almost always elaborates on the player’s responses.

Jeopardy! YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

Fans even blasted the host for this, stating, “When a contestant in Jeopardy gets a question wrong, Ken Jennings says ‘no’ like he thinks they’re the biggest idiot on the planet.”

Do you think Ken Jennings is way too fast with his responses? Does he show off his knowledge in the game show? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!


Allie Johnson


  1. We are really disappointed that ken is allowed to continue his rapid speech ..
    We are hard of hearing and can’t enjoy the show any more . Please do something about this problem

  2. I’ve just Googled using ‘Ken Jennings too frenetic’ and found the comments of others. I thought it was just me! I love Ken but the show has gone from being relaxing and informative to very stressful. It’s takes me all my time to translate the gabble into words I can actually absorb. I too am deaf to a great extent. It’s become ridiculously high-speed nonsense half the time.
    Slow down!

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