‘Jeopardy!’ Host Decision Made: Mayim Bialik Or Ken Jennings?

Ken Jennings & Mayim Bialik Host Jeopardy [CBS Boston | YouTube]

Jeopardy! fans have been divided in their stance on whether Mayim Bialik or Ken Jennings should step up as the new permanent host of the syndicated game show. In total, there are three different categories fans fit into. Some fans love Mayim, some fans hate her, and some fans admit they really don’t care who the host is. Fans that don’t want Mayim to permanently step into Alex Trebek have very passionately argued all the reasons why Ken Jennings should be the host.

Either way, the production of Jeopardy! found themselves in a sticky situation. Regardless of whether they made Mayim or Ken the new host… They were going to upset a chunk of their viewers. How would production make a decision to appease the viewers? Turns out, the people behind the scenes of this syndicated game show hatched a plan. A plan that would allow them to appease everyone.

According to Deadline, a hosting decision for Jeopardy! has finally been made. Who will be stepping into the shoes of Alex Trebek? Keep reading for the details.

Ken Jennings and Mayim - YouTube
Ken Jennings and Mayim – YouTube

Jeopardy! Hosting Decision Made?

Deadline reports sources have confirmed production has decided to split the hosting duties between Mayim and Ken to appease the audience as a whole. The outlet notes sources have confirmed both Mayim Bialik and Ken Jennings are in the final steps of working out a deal to share the hosting duties for Season 39. The outlet, however, clarifies this is “speculation” as a source from Sony Pictures TV refused to issue a statement or make a comment on whether it was true.

As those who follow the game show know, Mayim was named as the host for both the primetime and the spin-off. Ken Jennings, on the other hand, has been serving as a guest host after Mike Richards abruptly walked away. Both Ken and Mayim held on to the hosting slots for the remainder of Season 38. Despite some fans claiming to hate Mayim as a host, the ratings of the game show don’t match up with waves of fans threatening to stop watching.

Ken Jennings Or Mayim Bialik: Who Will Be Permanent 'Jeopardy!' Host? [Jeopardy | YouTube]
[Jeopardy | YouTube]
So, has a decision officially been made? All reports point to yes. But, Deadline was careful to slip in that the people behind the scenes of Jeopardy! have yet to comment or confirm the hosting details. Locking both Mayim and Ken in as the hosts for Season 39 would certainly give viewers the best of both worlds.

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  1. I want Ken Jennings to be the full time Permanent Host forever. He is in my Heart. He is the best host better than Mayim Bialik. I want Ken to replace Alex Trebek.Alex Trebek wants Ken Jennings to be the FullTime Permanent Host on Jeopardy.

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