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‘Jeopardy!’ Mayim Bialik At 6 Percent, Ken Jennings Dominating?

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Ever since Ken Jennings and Mayim Bialik took charge of splitting the responsibility of hosting Jeopardy!, fans have had divided opinions about their hosting skills. While some love Bialik’s quirkiness, others love how calm and composed Ken is. Regardless, fans have sided more with Ken and in a public poll recently held, he takes the cake, leaving Mayim far behind in the race.

Fans Partake In Poll To Vote For Their Favorite Host

In this Jeopardy! poll conducted by TV Insider, the website asks fans whether there should be rotating hosts for the show. As Season 38 nears its end in July, the question of who the show’s permanent host will be comes to mind. What will be Season 39’s hosting situation? Will Mayim and Ken continue sharing the responsibilities, or will the third one, possibly, former champion Buzzy Cohen, jump in and take charge?

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The game show’s permanent hosting situation has been in limbo for quite some time after long-time host Alex Trebek died in 2020. After that, the game show saw several guest hosts jump in from time to time. Even former executive producer, Mike Richards, took charge of hosting duties briefly before he stepped down.

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After this, the baton was passed on to GOAT Champion Ken Jennings and primetime host Mayim Bialik. This pattern of shifting hosting duties has now become the new norm for Jeopardy! fans. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise if some fans would love to see both as a host on the game show.

Host Mayim Bialik Fails Jeopardy! Polls

As per this Jeopardy! poll, about 82 percent of viewers wish to see Ken Jennings as the permanent host, while Mayim Bialik supporters fall back at a mere 6 percent.

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[Source: YouTube]

About 5 percent of fans wish to see the two alternate hosting duties, while 2 percent said it would be fun to see the hosts switch out after a few weeks.

Jeopardy TV Insider

[Source: TV Insider]

Another 2 percent wished someone else to take charge of the show as its permanent host, while 1 percent wished for a host regardless of who they are.

Fans Dub Host Ken Jennings’ Public Choice’ For Jeopardy!

Fans took to the comments section to share their feelings. One commented, “I’m not insinuating in the slightest that it should have been easy to find a successor to the great Alex Trebek, but how has this saga been unresolved for almost two years?”

Alex Trebek YouTube

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“Nearly every piece of media I read depicts Ken in a favorable light as a host, so why are the folks in charge kicking and screaming their way out of doing what the people want? “ they concluded

Ken Jennings YouTube

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Another replied, “Plain and simple. It’s because the decision makers have too much pride to admit they were wrong. Remember how long Mike Richards stayed involved before the onslaught of media coverage eventually took him down?”

“And for the same reason, even if Ken becomes the host, Mayim will be associated in some way with the franchise because the people in charge do not have the courage to let her go,” they explained.

Seems like fans have spoken and already declared Ken Jennings as their undisputed winner for the position!

Regardless, all fans can do now is wait for an official statement by the show makers.

Do you agree with the poll results? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Ken is a natural at it. Buzzy is too. Mayim has never been good at it and has gotten worse the longer she has been hosting. Taking too long to accept answers as right or wrong. Accepting partial answers as right. Please get her out of there. It’s gotten painful to watch her.

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