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Crunchyroll Now Streaming ‘Sasaki And Miyano’ OVA

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The start of summer brought along a series of big releases from the anime world. However, a lot of big releases slated to premiere this year are not live yet. Much-awaited movies such as Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero are yet to hit the big screen & that isn’t even counting the upcoming OVA releases.

Sasaki And Miyano Episode 13 Now Available On Crunchyroll

Reminding fans of the yet-to-arrive anime titles, Sasaki And Miyano just dropped their first OVA released on Crunchyroll. If you visit the Crunchyroll website, you can see that the first OVA of the season has now joined the catalog. As per Comicbook, this latest OVA is available as Episode 13. The anime series concluded a few months ago with 12 episodes for fans to stream. So, the 13th episode is what fans should be looking for.

Sasaki And Miyano YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

For fans unfamiliar with the OVA, it is a special addition to the anime titled ‘A Tiny Episode Form Before He Realized His Feelings.’ The events in this special episode actually take place before the finale of Season 1 takes place.

Did Kuresawa Make Any Big Revelations?

The storyline in the episode revolves around Kuresawa, who finds himself in situations helping Sasaki while realizing that he is in love with Miyano. However, Kuresawa isn’t successful in revealing the truth to Sasaki as Miyano drops in during their conversation. This complicates things even further, and its outcome is something fans will have to wait to see in the next season.

The latest update on Sasaki And Miyano is something fans will love to watch. For the ones that haven’t yet tuned in to the BL series, the complete Season 1 is now available for viewers to stream on Crunchyroll.

Crunchyroll YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

To know more about the plotline of the story, read the official synopsis here:

“It all started like a typical old-school boys’ love plotline-bad-boy senior meets adorably awkward underclassman, one of them falls in love, and so on and so forth. But although Miyano is a self-proclaimed boys’ love expert, he hasn’t quite realized…he’s in one himself. Which means it’s up to Sasaki to make sure their story has a happily ever after…!”

Sasaki And Miyano Is A One-Of-A-Kind Queer Anime

For the unversed, Sasaki And Miyano is a wonderful queer anime with a grappling storyline. Finding anime with queer characters is actually rarer than one might think. And, finding a good one in a minimalist lot can be harder. The one thing that sets this manga apart is how easily Sasaki accepts his feelings for Miyano as opposed to entering a state of panic or self-doubt.

Crunchyroll YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

So, this is something that surely makes the series one of a kind!

Will you check out the new Sasaki And Miyano special? What other OVAs do you have on your watch list? Share your thoughts in the comments! And finally, do not forget to binge on Sasaki and Miyano Season 1 on Crunchyroll.

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