‘Dragon Ball Super’: The Truth About Mai’s Real Age & Timeline

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The timeline laid out in Dragon Ball Super gives fans a hint about Mai’s real age.

Mai first appeared in Dragon Ball in 2013 as Trunks’ love interest. However, more recent installments of Dragon Ball Super showed Trunks and Mai growing up together. While she blurted out that she was 41 years old once, the answer is actually a bit more complicated than that.

To Determine Mai’s Real Age You Have To Understand The ‘Dragon Ball’ Timeline

It may surprise viewers to find out that Mai is actually much older than Trunks. If you aren’t familiar with the Dragon Ball lore, there was a wish on the Dragon Balls to make Mai a child closer to Trunks’ age. The entire Pilaf Gang wishes to restore their youth, but the wish made them too young.

Dragon Ball Super - YouTube/Funimation

Credit: YouTube/Funimation

She first gives her age in Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the Gods, which takes place four years after the Buu Saga. As mentioned above, she blurts out that she’ll be “41 in March.” Even though she appeared to be a child at the time, it is assumed this is her real age. Battle of the Gods takes place in Age 778, which means Mai’s birth year would be 737 if we take her statement at face value.

Some people have speculated that Mai lied about her age though. Goku is also presumed to be born in 737, but when the two meet in 749 Mai looks older than him. At the time, Goku looked to be about 12 and Mai looked to be around Bulma’s age, who was in her mid-teens.

Given the Dragon Ball Super timeline, the question of Mai’s age becomes even harder to answer.

‘Dragon Ball Super’ Makes The Question Of Mai’s Age Even Harder To Answer

While Battle of the Gods occurred about four years after the Buu Saga, Dragon Ball Super starts just a few months after the saga ended.

Dragon Ball Super - YouTube/Movieclips Trailers

Credit: YouTube/Movieclips Trailers

Mai is introduced in Dragon Ball Super as a child just a little taller than Trunks and assumed to be around 12 years old. This was backed by the DBS manga in 2016 as well. The Pilaf Gang used the Dragon Balls to make themselves younger, as mentioned above. They reverted to infancy around the same time that Trunks was a baby. With the assumption that the manga and anime line up here, Trunks and Mai are around the same age.

Throughout Dragon Ball Super, neither Trunks nor Mai has really aged. In the Tournament of Power, where Trunks and Mai should have been in their mid-teens, the pair still only looks to be about eight years old. This makes their true ages even harder to nail down.

If her revealed age in Battle of the Gods is to be believed, then she would be in her thirties or forties during Dragon Ball Super even though she appears as a child. Another time jump in the upcoming Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero may make the two characters appear to be as old as they actually are.

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