Moriah Plath Snaps, Admits She’s At ‘Breaking Point’ With Sister-In-Law Olivia

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Amid all of the Welcome to Plathville family drama, Moriah Plath has managed to stay on good terms with her sister-in-law, Olivia. However, during the two-hour episode that aired on Tuesday, July 26, Moriah officially lost it. It sounds like she’s done being patient with her sister-in-law and is ready for a change.

There’s no doubt that all of the family’s conflicts have affected everyone differently.

Through the Plath family’s drama, Olivia and Moriah seemed to be on the same side. They’ve both had issues with Kim Plath, Moriah’s mother. But Olivia was there for Moriah and helped her branch out. It looked like they were friends.

However, Olivia’s recent actions have Moriah at her “breaking point.” It looks like their friendship is fractured due to all of the drama. Fans have watched other members of the family be driven apart, but this is all new territory with Moriah and Olivia.

YouTube, Moriah Plath, Olivia Plath

Moriah Plath finally snaps.

In the new episode, the Plath family headed out to the cemetery in honor of Joshua’s birthday. Kim and Barry’s son, Joshua, tragically died when he was just a year and a half old back in 2008.

Originally, just the Plath kids were planning to go out to the cemetery. But Kim wanted to go, too, because Joshua was her child. Due to the drama, Olivia didn’t want to be there if Kim was attending.

Olivia ends up having a meltdown over the whole ordeal. In a confessional, Moriah spoke her mind about her sister-in-law, proving that this drama is just getting to be too much for her to handle.

Moriah said, “Today I have officially reached my breaking point with all of this drama. I am so done. I am so over it. I’m just tired of fragile relationships.”

Then, she continued, “If you have to constantly walk on eggshells around somebody’s feelings, if you spend three to four years of your life trying to make that person happy and then you make one decision that doesn’t make ’em happy and it affects your whole relationship? That’s not a true friend. And it hurts to say that but that’s the harsh reality I’m waking up to.”

Moriah Plath added, “I love Olivia but if somebody’s going to make me choose, I’m going to choose the person who’s not making me choose. I’m done choosing.”

So, what do you think will happen between Olivia and Moriah Plath now? Does it shock you that Moriah has snapped? Sound off in the comments section below. And don’t miss new episodes of Welcome to Plathville on Tuesdays on TLC and discovery+. You can watch a clip from the latest episode below.

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