Kim Plath Put On Blast For Massive Hypocrisy

They said to practice what you preach, and it seems like Welcome to Plathville star Kim Plath hasn’t heard this proverb. Recently she was found the victim of hypocrisy. Now, the mother of nine has to pay the piper for her misstep.

Kim Plath Cautions Son Ethan Against Alcohol At His Wedding

When her son Ethan got engaged to Olivia, the Plath family matriarch cautioned the couple. She went on and on about how she would give her blessings to the union only if there was no alcohol at the wedding. Kim also mentioned if alcohol made it to the wedding, she would ensure that no guests would show up.

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However, there is a good reason Kim is a teetotaler. She is simply trying to protect her children from indulging in the very same mistakes that she made in her past. The reason she took a hard line against serving alcohol at Ethan’s wedding is that she was an alcoholic herself. She doesn’t even want her children to try alcohol. The reality star feels that trying alcohol could drag her children on the very same path she was on.

Kim Plath Endorses and Offers Wine & Waltz

But, it seems like the 49-year-old is contradicting herself by endorsing and offering Wine & Waltz on evenings of the Full Moon. An Instagram account ‘withoutacrystalball’ pointed out this hypocrisy with a post.

Kim Plath YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

The Instagram post had a picture of Kim Plath with a Wine and Waltz banner in the background. It was captioned,

“Kim Plath has openly bashed anyone that drinks alcohol for decades. For the past 4 seasons, she has shamed anyone that drinks.”

The OP further added, “Kim famously got into a fight with Olivia about having alcohol at her wedding to Ethan Plath. Due to Kim’s outrage, Olivia gave in, and they did not serve alcohol. Well, just like the last 2 decades didn’t exist, Kim is offering Wine & Waltz on evenings of the Full Moon.”

The OP also mocked, stating, “Somewhere Olivia’s head is blowing.”

Several Welcome to Plathville fans agreed in the comments section.

Does Olivia Seek Control?

A fan stated, “I haven’t watched the first season in a while but didn’t she also threaten to not invite anyone she knew, including family members, if there was alcohol at the wedding as well? Lol, seriously, this is all bizarre.”


Kim Plath Instagram

[Source: Instagram]

Another agreed and mentioned that Kim needs to apologize to Olivia for this and several other issues. A third mentioned, “I keep thinking I really want to hear Olivia’s take on the new Kim!”

A fourth added, “It’s clearly never been about the alcohol and always been about the control.”

Do you feel Kim was genuinely concerned about her children regarding alcoholism? Or was it actually about retaining her control over the family? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Kim is just a phony POS. She screwed her kids up, BIG TIME. She’s a hypocrite, and is now playing the martyr and the victim. Everything she did was HER choice, she was not some teen bride, she was in college and partying hearty I might add, before she chose that life. Olivia needs to get away from that family, Ethan needs way more help than she can give him, and she need to heal, and just be Olivia for a few years. If she and Ethan are meant to be after they heal and have a whole lot less baggage brought to the relationship, then it will happen. She deserves much better treatment than she’s given, he isn’t capable now, he’s way too broken, still.

    1. I agree with you about Ethan. He is way too stunted mentally and emotionally and I’m tired of hearing him blame it on Olivia. If he wants to be a hermit, shut himself up with his cars that’s fine but don’t blame Olivia for his lack of “maturing” into a functioning adult in a committed and equal marriage. If he thinks she acts like his mom maybe its because he placed her in the role of mom instead of young wife. What did he expect? She did grow, she was only like 20 when she broke free and her only mistake it appears was picking a partner who has dug his heels in about change. He is more like his mother than he wants to admit. I see him and Barry rocking on the porch in Cairo, just the two of them, wallowing in how everyone changed.

      As for Kim, I hope she is admitting her mistakes and growing and just not bullcrapping the kids.

      Micah – You rock Kid, way to show maturity that Ethan will never have. Moriah also, they leaped, sometimes fell but they are still open to new challenges while being open to correcting relationships with their parents.

  2. I myself think Kim had a taste of Freedom and she liked it to well just like Eve when she bit into that Apple. I think someone gave her some attention and that’s all she needed to break up the Marriage. I’ve been down that road myself and the Signs are there for cheating. I’m not saying Barry didn’t do anything wrong cause taking someone for granted and not doing the little things does hurt a relationship and a Marriage like I said been there. You can be in a Marriage and be so lonely and you only live once. What i don’t like about Kim and Barry they robbed their kids of certain Life privileges, they should have trusted them more and their Judgements. Protecting is a great thing but you can go to far and make them paranoid of just living. Luckily it seems the kids Turned out ok and they are great kids and Adults. My advice is you only live once, Live , Love and Be Smart about it. For Olivia lighten up on Ethan Cars and Motorcycles are a Good thing, he could be doing really bad things. And for Ethan honest is the best policy don’t keep secrets from your wife even if it’s a Car. Your both a Cute Couple relationships are so hard anyway get on that Harley and make Memories and Adventures for both of you. Take it from someone that wished time would turn back.. LIVE💕

  3. I think Kim Plath is the biggest hypocrite. Her problem is !!!! She wants another man so she’s vin lying about Barry not paying attention to her, she’s so phony! In the one clip she has on mini skirt up her ass, after preaching to her kids! How the he’ll can you have nine kids and no intimacy in her life?? Can’t stand her! She’s a woman going through menoupause and hot after men! Hypocrite!!

    1. Guys..everything that went on in that family was controlled by Kim and only is quite obvious that Barry had given her complete control..everything revolved around her and those kids were scared of she got a taste of real life and suddenly she wants out and it’s all Barry’s fault..she is the biggest hypocrite and caused so much angst to that family and now she wants to leave the mess behind..she not only wants a divorce from Barry but she has no time for the children either..every time one of them try’s to talk to her she throws the blame on can see how confused they are ..everything she told them growing up was a was control..I don’t hate anyone but this woman is the worst narcissist I’ve ever seen

  4. I see Kim as alone and without a support network to help her process her decisions. She obviously lived a life once as a young person and made some bad decisions with alcohol that she tried to protect her kids from. Unfortunately, she needs more help with her own problem. It doesn’t mean she didn’t want better for her kids. As her kids grew up, I think she realized her control over her kids was not producing the results she wanted and caused her kids to turn on her. She seems to have turned 180 degrees from some of her decisions and opened herself back up to her old lifestyle. The family needs pray and less judgement. I hope she gets help and is able to come out of this lifestyle without more damage to the kids.

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