Maddie & Evie Brush Caught ‘Cloning’

Maddie Brown Brush - Evie Brush Instagram

Maddie Brown Brush of Sister Wives shared a breathtaking photo of her daughter Evie. Sadly, the photo has a photographer tag and can’t be shared directly in this article. You, however, can head over to Maddie’s Instagram post to steal a glance at the sweet photo. The photo featured Evie K. absolutely mesmerized. According to the comments, there was one place Maddie could always find her beautiful little daughter. Where was that place? Keep reading to find out.

Maddie Brown Brush shares where to find Evie K.

According to Maddie Brown Brush, her daughter Evie K. is completely obsessed with flowers right now. Her caption explained that whenever there were flowers nearby, she could always count on her daughter to find them and be near them. The phone she shared featured her daughter Evie K. Evie, however, was not interested in the camera and could have cared less who was taking the picture. She was intently focused on gorgeous purple flowers as she pulled the greenery closer to her so she could get a good look.

While the photo Maddie Brown Brush shared of her precious daughter didn’t get tons of attention on Instagram, the attention it did receive was pretty positive.

Maddie Brown Brush - Evie Brush Instagram
Maddie Brown Brush – Evie Brush Instagram

Sister Wives fans gush about adorable Evie K.

In the comments, one Sister Wives fan noted Evie K. was clearly “a flower among flowers.” Other fans chimed in to tell Maddie Brown Brush that Evie K. was adorable, gorgeous, and very pretty. One fan noted that Evie was the “prettiest flower” in the photo.

One fan told Maddie Brown the photo was beautiful. They loved the pose Evie K. was captured in and they also thought the flowers in the photo looked great as well. Some fans believed this photo captured how sensitive Evie K. was and how much she appreciated natural beauty.

Credit: Maddie Brown Brush/Instagram
Credit: Maddie Brush/Instagram

Going a different direction with the comments, some fans noted Evie K. was looking more and more like her mother Maddie these days. Most importantly, fans wanted to thank Maddie Brown Brush for taking the time to share sweet photos of her children with them.

Head over to Maddie Brown Brush’s Instagram and take a look at the photo yourself! Let us know what you think in the comments. And, keep coming back for more Sister Wives.

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