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Maddie Brush Shows Independence In TINY Blue Jean Shorts

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Maddie Brush looks incredible. She has worked very hard to get to where she is, two babies postpartum and it shows. Over the holiday weekend, she put on a display in teeny denim and it was a sight to behold.

Maddie Brush’s Complete Evolution

Growing up in the Brown household meant being very conservative. Maddie’s father, Kody had three wives and a bevy of children, all of who were very covered up. From the time Sister Wives began in 2010, the wives and daughters were seen wearing sleeved shirts under their tank tops and long pants. Even when Kody’s fourth wife, Robyn joined the family, she adhered to the conservative dress. As time went on, the ladies still covered up but became much more fashionable. They traded in the bland tops for more denim and fashion-forward blouses. As for the younger kids, Kody was extremely apprehensive when his daughters were going to dances. More so, he did not like the idea of them showing too much skin. However, if they were tasteful and happy, the wives did not care all that much.

Maddie Brush/YouTube

Maddie did a complete 180 from the time viewers first saw her. She was introduced with a black short bob and dreams of being a cosmetologist. A few years into the show, she changed up her hair and her goals, wanting a future in law. Moreover, she became valedictorian and landed a full ride to college. Yet, it was Caleb Brush who stole her heart. For their wedding, she wore a strapless dress and her dark burgundy/auburn locks in loose waves. She looked both sweet and mature. Over time, Maddie went into full mama bear mode, having a son Axel in 2017 and daughter Evie K in 2019. Finally, when would she put the focus back on herself?

Workin’ It And Lookin’ Good

Several months ago, Maddie Brush revealed that she was undergoing a huge transformation. She shared that she was going back to blonde which would take some time. The reason for the long process was that they didn’t want to damage her dark locks. Therefore, the stylists would be highlighting her hair over time. Yet, this is not the only thing that has changed because Maddie became very focused on a better lifestyle. She made time for her family and date nights with her husband, Caleb.

It also helps that her mother, Janelle often comes to visit. The two ladies work together promoting Plexus so they have a lot of business to tend to. Over the holiday weekend, Maddie had no problem showing off how far she has come since she was a teenager twelve years ago. She and her family posed in their patriotic gear for an Instagram post. Maddie stood on the stairs, embracing Axel, wearing short denim jeans. She beamed in the family photo, clearly proud of the woman, mother, and businesswoman that she has become.

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