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Adam & Danielle Busby Sell Out Family For Quick Cash?

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OutDaughtered fans are disgusted with Adam and Danielle Busby as they feel the couple disrespected Danielle’s sister Ashley just to make some quick and easy cash. It was four days ago that Adam uploaded a video they made as a part of a paid promotion for Great Clips. The video, however, didn’t sit well with fans as Danielle’s sister Ashley owns a hair salon. And, Danielle has always gone there to get her hair done. Likewise, they’ve also taken all their children to Heist too. So, fans were not understanding how or why the Busby family had suddenly turned their back on Ashley.

Did they disrespect Ashley for some quick cash?

In the comments, one fan asked about Heist. They noted they thought Adam and Danielle always took the girls there to get their hair taken care of. Adam responded to the comment noting there was no better place to get the girls’ hair taken care of than Great Clips. One fan questioned if this promotion made Aunt LiLi sad as the entire family turned their backs on her business. Some fans even boldly questioned, “I thought Ashley cut their hair?”

Hazel Busby Hair Instagram
Hazel Busby / Photo Instagram

Adam Busby clears the air on the promotion.

The OutDaughtered star made a point to clarify that Ashley owns Heist, but she did not cut any of his daughters’ hair. He added that she’s NEVER cut their hair. She doesn’t cut hair. In a separate comment, Adam explained Ashley was the very first person he spoke to after Great Clips approached his family with an offer to do a promotion. So, it sounds like it isn’t something he and Danielle would have even considered if Ashley had an issue with it.

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What was this promotion about?

The video kicked off with Danielle Busby telling her husband Adam that the girls were heading back to school soon and needed haircuts. Adam Busby explained Great Clips has a cool feature that involves keeping notes of the type of haircuts a child gets in the past. This way if one parent is who usually takes the child to get haircuts, the other one can take the children with confidence. Great Clips just references the notes in the system and makes a cut that will keep both parents happy.

Adam Busby - Instagram
Adam Busby – Instagram

Despite Adam Busby being very transparent in the comments, many OutDaughtered fans felt icky about the promotion. They didn’t like the couple selling out for some easy cash. What do you think? Let us know in the comments down below.

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  1. I don’t think it’s anybodys business what so ever, they are grown ups and can do what they want, I’m sure they talked it over with the sis but even if they didn’t it’s none of our business, period!!!

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