Adam Busby Floods IG With Hazel Pics: Fans Wonder About Her Red Hair

Outdaughtered Hazel Busby Instagram

Adam Busby of OutDaughtered flood Instagram with a wave of pictures featuring Hazel Busby that showcased her vibrant red hair.

Adam Busby floods his Instagram with fans’ favorite quint

A few weeks ago, Adam Busby flooded his Instagram profile with pictures of Hazel Busby. The post contained a collection of nine photos all featuring the red-headed quint. The last photo of the picture was actually a zoomed-in photo of her pretty red curls.

The photos revealed a happy little quint having a good time jumping around on mommy and daddy’s bed. It is unclear where her sisters were or why Adam only posted a bunch of photos of Hazel. Those who follow him on Instagram, however, know he later posted photos of some of the other quints by themselves also jumping on the bed.

Hazel Busby OutDaughtered TLC YouTube
Hazel Busby – TLC YouTube

Hazel Busby recently did something different with her red hair

As we previously reported, Hazel and her sisters got their hair cut before returning to school. Hazel had some of her hair chopped off to make it just a bit shorter. But, she also went for a pretty dramatic change. The stylist straightened her gorgeous curly locks.

Danielle Busby arrived on the scene AFTER Hazel Busby’s curly locks were gone and she was NOT happy about it. Danielle Busby asked the stylist if the curls would come back. The stylist reassured her it was just temporary. Those gorgeous red curls were still there.

Hazel Busby Instagram
Hazel Busby – Adam’s Instagram

Hazel Busby’s vibrant red hair leaves fans with questions

The post did have OutDaughtered fans scratching their heads. Hazel Busby is the only member of the household family with red hair. How did she get such gorgeous red hair? Some fans took to the comments to ask Adam and Danielle where her gorgeous red hair came from.

Hazel Busby Adam Busby Instagram
Hazel Busby – Adam Busby Instagram

Adam Busby explained in the comments that red hair runs on both his side of the family and Danielle’s. Even though they don’t have red hair, there is always a chance they could have a baby with red hair.

Were you wondering how Hazel Busby had such vibrant red hair? Share your thoughts on Adam’s response to fans’ questions in the comments. And, keep coming back to TvShowsAce for the latest on the Busby family.

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