‘Unexpected’ McKayla Adkins Opens Up About Her Personal Struggles


Unexpected alum McKayla Adkins has had a lot of ups and downs since fans first met her. She has struggled and attempted to find herself. It appeared she was on a great path when she met her now-husband, Ethan. Unfortunately, it seems not all is well in McKayla’s life and she is opening up about it on social media. Read on to find out more about her daily personal struggles.

It All Started With Unexpected 

McKayla was just a teenager when she learned she was expecting her first baby. Yet she already had lived a lifetime by the time she appeared on the hit reality series. Her father died and her mother was addict. Therefore, she went to go live with her grandparents. At sixteen, she and her boyfriend, Caelan Morrison discovered they were having a baby. Their relationship was not particularly easy with a lot of ups and downs. She questioned if they could make it work.


They welcomed their son, Timothy and did try to make it work. McKayla and Caelan moved in together, even discussing getting married. Unfortunately, that was not working so well but there was soon to be a plot twist when they learned they learned baby number two was on the way. Their daughter Gracelynn arrived but by Season 3 of Unexpected, the couple had parted ways and McKayla was done with the show.


She had her own success on YouTube but decided to tone it down some plus she chose to keep her kids hidden. Then, she met Darren and her world changed. A year later, they announced they were engaged and expecting. In a twist, the two got married but sadly, lost their baby. Happily, they learned their ranbow baby was on the horizon and were over the moon. This April, McKayla gave birth to the couple’s first son, which said would be Ethan’s only child. So, what has her so down?

Mama Baby Blues

Earlier this month, McKayla Adkins underwent a dramatic procedure. She had her fallopian tubes completely removed to ensure that she would no longer be able to have children. The twenty-two-year-old said it was the best decision. However, now she is admitting that she is struggling with postpartum. McKayla shared this info on her Instagram. She adds that it is especially hard while raising three children but she posts about it because other moms are going through the same thing.


Now, according to Medical News Today, it can last up to three years after giving birth. Yet, having her tubes removed may have further enhanced the PPD. Accoridng to WebMD, a basic tubal lugation can cause enhanced depression.


Either way, the fact that McKayla is being so open and honest about her personal struggles is really respectable. Hopefully she has a great support system in place to help her through this difficult time. More so, hopefully she can help other moms of all ages feel less alone.

What do you think of the former Unexpected star’s transparency? Let us know in the comments.

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