McKayla Adkins Speaks Out Against TLC

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McKayla Adkins, formerly of TLC’s Unexpected is now speaking out against the network. After appearing on the show for multiple seasons, she has formed her own opinions about her experience.

Unexpected couple allegedly cut from show

On Wednesday morning, @tlc.unexpectedtea shared an update revealing that Reanna and Taron have allegedly been kicked from the show. This news comes as the show’s next episode has been delayed. It’s possible that there’s a connection between the two leaving the show and the show being delayed. Fans are speculating that production has been affected since there’s less content to work with now.

Of course, there are many reasons the show may be behind schedule. It could be due to Covid-19, scheduling, or another issue altogether.

Nonetheless, the show is set to air new episodes starting in March. So, it’s not too long for fans to wait. The account reveals, “For everyone asking, we don’t know what happened or why they were removed but as soon as we know, we’ll let you know!”

@TLC.Unexpectedtea on Instagram
@TLC.Unexpectedtea on Instagram

McKayla Adkins shares her thoughts

It looks like McKayla likes to keep up with rumors about the show. She comments on some of the account’s posts and seems to be interested in interacting with fans on that page. So, when the @tlc.unexpectedtea account shared about Reanna and Taron, McKayla had something to say.

In response to the post, McKayla writes, “Lol honestly not surprised if you don’t suck their d*cks they hate you.” In a second comment, she clarifies that she’s not in the loop about what is going on behind the scenes. But she adds, “granted I have no idea what happened but just my guess.” 

So, it seems like McKayla may know a thing or two about the way things work behind the scenes.

In the past, reality stars have talked about whether the shows are scripted. Even if they are not, there are likely certain things that are exaggerated for the show. So, perhaps McKayla had to do certain things while on the show. Her response doesn’t give examples of this though.

It’s unclear why McKayla left the show after being on it for two seasons. The network might have been ready to feature different teen parents, or maybe McKayla was tired of working with TLC, as she doesn’t appear to have a positive opinion of the network.

So, what do you think of McKayla Adkins’ statement about the network? Do you think she offers some good insight about Reanna and Taron’s exit? Let us know in the comments below.

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