‘On Patrol: Live’ Has Technical Difficulties Second Night In A Row

Dan Abrams Hopeful About Live PD [YouTube]

The new show On Patrol: Live is here, but that doesn’t mean it is airing as it should. Last night, fans were upset as the show didn’t air right away and instead they got a repeat of Jail: Las Vegas. Now tonight, they are having issues once again. The show started and then it went to a black screen. It came back after a bit, but fans are frustrated.

Slow Start To On Patrol: Live Tonight

Tonight it was just a few minutes in before the show started. This was a lot better than what happened last night when it took over an hour for On Patrol: Live to start airing. Dan Abrams didn’t have anything to say about it on his Twitter tonight either. Instead, he just posted wanting to get the show to start trending. He said, “Shall we trend #oplive #OPNation?” Of course, everyone was replying to him that they want the show to trend on Twitter.

On Patrol: Live: Ways To Watch Without Reelz [Reelz | YouTube]
[Reelz | YouTube]

Fans Are Hoping This Isn’t The Normal

Right now, fans of On Patrol: Live are just hoping that this isn’t the normal each week. The first two nights didn’t go well, so they hope that their favorite show will be airing without issues each week. Luckily, on night two it was only a few minutes that there was an issue then the show aired as planned.

Here is what people were saying about it all on Twitter tonight.

  • Is anyone tv black on patrol live?
  • Night 2 and On Patrol Live still f**ks up right at 9.


  • After 2 black screens at the beginning we’ve got On Patrol Live I was so scared it would be another kiss commercial marathon. Time to enjoy some #OnPatrolLive #OPLive
  • Ok we get it… KISS… story of their songs premiers on Sunday…. Can we get on patrol live now?! #REELZ #OnPatrolLive
  • on patrol live. black screen. AGAIN.

They explained tonight that it took about 70 minutes for them to get on the air last night. It was revealed that they can guarantee it won’t happen again. Hopefully, that is the truth and fans can watch this show each week like they are hoping to. Since Live PD was canceled about two years ago viewers have been waiting for this show to start.

Are you surprised by all the problems they are having with airing On Patrol: Live? You can watch this show on Reelz and there are also a few other ways to watch. Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Mandy Robinson


  1. I have reelz on two free streaming services, but still can’t see it! Not paying for another service no matter how much I would love to see it!

  2. Set dvr for last night show, all I got was dialogue and a screenshot of credits from previous episode. I was using Xfinity Cable

  3. I know this 100th episode is not working on their end but thankfully they reset it to the beginning after a technical problem and I’m getting the same problem with NSN Reno Aces feed as well keep it up

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