‘On Patrol: Live’ Starts Late: Dan Abrams Shares If You Missed Any

Reelz 'On Patrol: Live' Premiere Date, New Details

Tonight when it was time for the premiere of On Patrol: Live the show didn’t start. Fans got upset as they realized it was a black screen. Eventually, they started to air repeat commercials. Finally, at about 8:15 CST the show started, but it wasn’t the right one. Instead, they aired Jail: Las Vegas. Now fans want to know if they missed any of the show. Dan Abrams went to his Twitter to share about the show.

Did You Miss Any Of On Patrol: Live?

It turns out that you didn’t miss any of the show tonight. Dan Abrams shared on Twitter and said “We are shooting live but Based on the #OPNation technical issues I’m told the show will air from the beginning. Believe me we are frustrated. Sorry! @OfficialOPLive.” It does sound like you won’t be missing any of the show, but that doesn’t mean that it is exactly live either. That is something a few people have a problem with, though.

Fans were a bit upset in the comments saying that this would mean the show wasn’t live anymore. It would now be delayed. Here is what a few of them had to say about it all.

  • Naw we want to see it live not recored sorry Dan…
  • So it’ll be called In On Patrol: Delay?
  • We’ll still get 3 full hours. Woo hoo!!!
  • Oh, okay. It won’t be live then. I guess something is better than nothing. Maybe I’ll just watch the rerun tomorrow.
  • You’re ok. We’ve waited two years, a few more minutes won’t kill us.

    #OPLive #OPLNation

live pd host dan abrams instagram post

Reelz Responds To Show Not Starting

Reelz was also on Twitter speaking out about the show not starting. They said, “Sorry folks. We are aware there are current technical problems. We are working on it as fast as we can.” They did let the fans know that they were trying to get the show fixed for them. They also retweeted where Dan Abrams said that they were working on it.

Fans are hoping that this is the only glitch that happens with the new show On Patrol: Live. They have been waiting on this show to return for two years since Live PD was canceled. It is finally here so there was a lot of disappointment when it didn’t start on time.

Were you upset when On Patrol: Live was a black screen at first? Are you glad to hear you didn’t miss any of the show? Sound off in the comments section below. Don’t miss new episodes of On Patrol: Live on Reelz.

Mandy Robinson


    1. Turned back to Law and Order because all we are getting is intermittent black screen and Las Vegas jail 🤪

    2. You guys are so lucky you get it at all. We can’t get it on Reelz. They say it’s not available in our area. AZ.

    1. That’s all I’m getting too, is “Jail Las Vegas”
      Why haven’t they come on and state something or run a ticket on the bottom of the show to explain what’s going on.

  1. The show is still not on DIRECTV and it’s been nearly an hour since it was supposed to start.

  2. We still don’t have the show at 9:03 PM. Why are they saying that it finally started? All we see is the show Jail.

  3. This is nothing but a complete joke. I took this entire day off in anticipation for tonight. How embarrassing for REELZ. All the build up and hype for nothing- Only for REELZ to fall flat on it’s face! If you’re going to do a live show, shouldn’t you be 150% sure you can accommodate it?? Make sure everything works prior to airing?

  4. REELZ really blew the premiere of On Patrol: Live tonight. It is 10:15 pm EDT and the technical problems have not yet been resolved!

  5. On patrol finally came on about an hour & fifteen minutes late on Direct TV here in New York I have the DVR set to record the replay at midnight I might have to set it to run later, at least it’s on now & don’t have to watch jail again

  6. They have changed the show so they don’t show the truth about 98% of the suspects being niggers. That’s why black lives matter initiated the protest for changing the show. They don’t want the truth about their race to be broadcast nationally. News flash! We already know that you negroes can’t help yourselves. It’s part of your genetics, you’re a cursed race!

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