‘On Patrol: Live’ Premieres As A Black Screen, Fans Want Show

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Tonight was the premiere of On Patrol: Live, which fans have been waiting on forever. It aired on Reelz, which is channel 238 on Direct TV. Fans turned on the show at 8 p.m. CST ready to watch, but didn’t get the return of Live PD that they expected. Instead, they simply got a black screen of the show. It was eight minutes in before the show actually started. Instead of the show, it was just commercials on repeat, though. Hopefully, they won’t be having issues all night with it. This went on for a bit as fans went to social media to express how upset they were the show wasn’t airing tonight.

On Patrol: Live Fans Upset

The fans of On Patrol: Live went to Twitter to share their thoughts. They were pretty upset that their new show wasn’t airing. Here is what fans had to say tonight:

  • WTF is this?!? You didn’t check whether your channel even works before taking on On Patrol:Live

  • What have I missed so far on On Patrol Live? My TV was on a black screen #OnPatrolLive
  • I’ve waited 2 years for On Patrol: Live and all I got was a black TV screen.
  • What is going on? On Patrol: Live is NOT showing. Please fix ASAP!!

  • Been waiting to watch On Patrol Live all day. Really cool to see the only action is a Black Screen, spurts of the show like every 15 seconds, and ad breaks. Y’all should read Twitter and see its broken. #OnPatrolLive #OnPatrolLiveNation #BlackScreen


live pd hosts take a selfie together on instagram

Show Finally Starts For Viewers

The show On Patrol: Live appeared to have finally started for the viewers at about 8:15 p.m. CST. Instead of their show, though, they got a repeat episode of Jail: Las Vegas. Hopefully, when the show starts, it will compare to Live PD and viewers will enjoy it just as much as they did the original show.

This new show is one that viewers have been waiting on for a while. When Live PD was canceled, they begged for its return. There has been a lot of talk about if the show will be the same or different. It will be interesting to see what the fans think of it once the three-hour premiere airs tonight on Reelz. Hopefully, they are able to keep the show going and it doesn’t go back to a black screen once again.

Are you wanting to watch On Patrol: Live? Share your thoughts in the comments section below on this new show.

Update: Dan Abrams shared if you missed any of the show

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  1. We still don’t have the correct show. Verizon in Central Virginia is showing a different show…Jail: Las Vegas.

  2. Still not getting On Patrol: Live in New Orleans area. Getting only 2 seconds blips. W T F

  3. 8:38 CT DIRECTV and STILL no On Patrol Live!!!! Showing Episodes of Jail, and now, as I am typing this, it just went to a black screen. Now it’s showing the Kiss commercial AGAIN!

    Hope they fix it very soon!!!!

  4. WOW! OMG! “on Patrol live” got “Black screened”!!! I Wonder if Tom Morris is saying “See you should of hired me Back”,,, LOL

    1. No On Patrol Live in Texas…I am bummed! Hope the issue is resolved soon! We Love the Live shows’

  5. Where the hell is the show? Waited along time for this show to come back and all they’re showing is a black screen ?? Was the black screen on meth? Did it rob a liquor store? Did it lead police on a chase? We want to know!!

  6. The show failed to return and Reelz stuck episodes of “Jail” in it’s place. So sad that this network didn’t fully understand the importance of the franchise that was dropped in their laps. People need to loose their jobs over this.

  7. Live on Patrol suppose to start now, instead their showing Jail in Las Vegas, what’s happening to the show?

  8. Instead of on patrol:live I’m getting Jail from Las Vegas , lots of commercials and sometimes a black screen. .????

  9. What the heck! My family and I have been looking forward to this for so long! WHY IS THIS HAPPENING?? I don’t want to watch a Las Vegas Jail show.

  10. The show is still not on. We have waited 2 years for this. And finally all day and it’s been a black screen. Now jails Las Vegas is in its place this is crap and reelz TV alot of people need to lose their jobs for this!!

  11. They advertised all week building anticipation & then I get reruns of Jail Las Vegas … oh well maybe tomorrow night will happen

  12. In the 60s they put men in space on top of rockets and safely brought them back. All with less computing power than in my remote control. These fools can’t get a live T.V. feed to run?… with MONTHS of prep? Fail!

  13. They could at least run a crawler explaining when, if ever, the show will actually air. After all the hype it’s hard to believe they can’t get one camera to work.

  14. This sucks. Why is it not on thr aiyr or, at least, w9hy is there not a running ribbon explaining whyk?

  15. I’ve been patiently waiting for On Patrol: Live to start. It’s now 10:02 pm EST. Someone please let us know what the heck is going on

  16. Exactly what happened here. Black screen, then repetitive commercials and now Jail. Reelz has been hyping On Patrol for weeks so this is beyond disappointing. No explanation by the network.

  17. It’s on You Tube now but still jail show on reels. It’s free on you tube, just search on patrol and it pops up and says live. 10k viewers now.

    Those with Roku and such can download you tube to their tv. That’s what we are doing.

    Good luck!

  18. Waited 2 years for this show to come back. Reelz dropped the ball wow. My mom called me from Alaska upset

    1. Figures. I gave up and switched to another channel. I’m interested in another show now so I’m not switching back.

  19. There is one feed playing live on YouTube, but it’s basically 3 in a patrol car, cruising around what I believe is St Paul, MN. No action as of yet, & I’ve been watching since about 8:05 cst.

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