‘Seeking Sister Wife’: Tosha Jones Takes A Tumble, Is She Okay?

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This season of Seeking Sister Wife has seen the return of Tosha and Sidian Jones. Currently, it is uncertain where they stand with their potential sister wife. However, they have been occasionally giving updates on their home lives. The other day, Tosha was seen leaving the hospital in a wheelchair. What happened and is she okay?

Sidian And Tosha Still Seeking Sister Wife

Viewers first met the Joneses last season when they were looking to add another wife. They were on a search after Sidian’s first wife departed the family a few years prior. Unfortunately, they were not really into going online to complete their search so they headed to the bar scene. Sadly, that was not as easy as they had hoped and then the pandemic hit which sent them to the Internet. That was where they started to meet some potential candidates. The first one was great until they met up again once quarantine was slightly lifted. Then, the chemistry just was not there so she ended it.

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Next up was a free spirit named Alexandra. She clicked super well with Sidian but there was a lot that held her back. Alex still wanted to date around and meet different people plus she was not too keen on children. Sidian had two that lived with him so it was a waste of time but a learning experience. They came back this season courting Arielle from the Philippines. Tosha had met her through work and really connected with her so she felt she would be perfect for the family. In the show, Sidian is in the Philippines to see how he connects with her and if it is worth it. In real-time, however, the focus is on Tosha and her health.

Taking A Tumble

The other day, Tosha shared a photo of herself in a wheelchair on Instagram. She talked about how amazing the kids had been. They were caring for her just like she did them when they were ill. Yet, she did not disclose what was wrong until her followers asked if she was okay. “Took a tumble down the stairs and wrecked my foot pretty good. I am so thankful it wasn’t worse,” she shared. As for how long the real estate agent will be off of it, that is unknown as of now.

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Fortunately, she did not break her foot but only sprained it. At the same time Tosha was sharing the post on her injury, she also added something to her story. It was a photo of Sidian and Arielle. As of now, their status is questionable since she and Sidian posted a TikTok trying to catch a sister wife.

Watch the rest of their story unfold this season on Seeking Sister Wife every Monday on TLC.

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