‘Seeking Sister Wife’: Who Is Tosha And Sidian’s Potential New Sister Wife?

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Seeking Sister Wife is set to return in a few short months for Season 4. With the new season comes a few familiar couples. One of them is the Merrifields and the other is Tosha and Sidian Jones. They were introduced last season and did not have a lot of success in their sister wife search. Now they are back and it appears they may have found their perfect match.

Seeking Sister Wife Introduces Tosha And Sidian

Tosha and Sidian Jones had quite a unique story to share. While they were searching for a second wife to add to the family, Tosha was actually the original second wife. She came into an already established family that was open to polygamy. Unfortunately, Sidian’s first wife ended up departing so Tosha became his main love. Together, they would go on to raise two of his children and establish their own little family. When the timing felt right, they decided to start searching for a new woman to join them. They preferred the traditional method of meeting a sister wife in a public place or at a bar but the pandemic soon shut that down.

Seeking Sister Wife Spoilers Sidian and Tosha Jones
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Online they went where they started to pursue a relationship with a woman but sadly, it ended once they could be in person again. The couple met free spirit Alexandra and Sidian had such a great connection with her. They went on a few dates however her lifestyle was a little too flighty to join the couple. She was not necessarily ready to stop dating other men or settle down. So back to the drawing board for Sidian and Tosha. Now it seems they have found someone great and are happy to share her in the new season of the series.

Meet Arielle

According to Starcasm, the couple is seriously courting Arielle from the Phillippines. She is twenty-eight years old and actually highly intelligent. The soon-to-be reality star holds a degree in Information Technology and is also a pageant girl. As for how they met, she and Tosha both worked for Dreametry Creative Design Studio. Though it appears Arielle is still employed with the company, Tosha left at the end of 2021 as she is also a real estate agent. This would make perfect sense as Tosha apparently met Sidian while working for his start-up.

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As of now, it is unclear if Arielle actually lives in America or if she met the couple virtually. Their story will be fully told when Seeking Sister Wife returns on June 6th only on TLC. Are you excited to see Tosha and Sidian’s story continue? Let us know in the comments!

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