‘Seeking Sister Wife’ Tosha Jones Stuns In New Bikini Body


Seeking Sister Wife couple Sidian and Tosha Jones have yet to make their Season 4 appearance yet. However, it looks to be an explosive and exciting year ahead. As for Tosha, she is showing that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and truly celebrating that notion. The realtor shared how she achieved her body confidence throughout the pandemic.

The Joneses Try Seeking Sister Wife Again

Season 3 was not super successful for Tosha and Sidian. The couple has already been in a plural relationship so this is nothing new to them. Unfortunately, their first one ended and they have been actively looking to bring in a sister wife. During their first go-round, they wanted to find someone organically. They tried to search at bars but the pandemic squashed that so they were forced to go online. It seemed like they had found a match but it did not pan out. Finally, they connected with Alex who was somewhat of a wanderer. She gelled so well with the couple but she had her setbacks. Sadly, Alex did not want to give up her lifestyle or stop dating other people to commit to the couple so they had to part ways.


Now they are back and they have a Filipino love named Arielle. She has been on the pageant circuit and Sidian seems to connect very well with her. However, he does seem to question if she is almost too pretty or perfect for him. There are times when he appears to wonder what will happen if he takes her to the states. He questions what will happen to his relationship with Tosha and if it can survive. It appears to be doing just fine and Tosha is sharing her newfound body confidence. Bring on summer and her proud bikini body.

Proudly Ready For Summer

There had been times when viewers criticized Tosha’s body and how she wore her jeans too low. Body shaming can take a toll on someone but not Tosha. She shared a few photos on Instagram where she praised her curves. Tosha talked about how she has the perfect summer body. What does that mean? It means it is the perfect summer body for her as she is embracing all of her. “I love my smile, my squishy bits, my cute curves, the parts that poke out more then they should and the dimples in my cheeks,” she writes. She adds that she is happy with herself and pretty much always has been. Lastly, she has no intentions of changing the curves she gained through the pandemic but if she does, it will be on her.


Tosha’s followers fully supported her:

  • “You are so beautiful!!!! I love your outlook”
  • ““Covid Curves” ha love it don’t be mad if I steal that one”
  • “I hope you realize you look great! I get exactly what your saying though and agree 100% enjoy your summer!”

Her confidence is refreshing and contagious and hopefully inspiring. What do you think of her message? Let us know and watch Seeking Sister Wife Mondays on TLC.


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