‘Seeking Sister Wife’: Tosha & Sidian Still On The Prowl?

Seeking Sister Wife- Tosha/Sidian- TLC

Episode three of Seeking Sister Wife saw the return of the Joneses. After last season, Tosha and Sidian were no closer to finding a sister wife than when they had started. However, it appeared the duo had finally found the one they had been looking for this time around. Has that ended in heartbreak all over again?

The First Attempt At Seeking Sister Wife

Sidian and Tosha came onto the show already having been in a polygamous relationship. However, that did not work out but the couple knew this was the lifestyle they wanted to continue. They kept the search open once they felt ready and attempted to do it organically. Unfortunately, it is not easy and then the pandemic hit. This forced them to head to the internet and they did meet a lovely lady. Sadly, that flame dwindled out but then they met a free spirit, Alexandra. She seemed to really vibe with Sidian and want the same things that they did.

Seeking Sister Wife- Tosha/Sidian- TLC

Alex went on a solo date with Sidian but it appeared she did not quite understand what it meant to be a sister wife. She did not want to be in one place nor did she want to stop dating multiple people. Furthermore, she was not so sure about kids and the Joneses have three, two of who live with them. It was a bad match so they all parted ways and now Tosha and Sidian are back to try their hand at love again. They think that they have found someone that fits in with the vibe of the family but it appears to have failed them.

Over Already?

This season, Tosha and Sidian are courting a young pageant beauty named Arielle from the Philippines. Tosha met her through work and knew she would be a great fit but Sidian has yet to meet her in person. Sidian will soon take the plunge and go see her. The biggest issue seen in the previews is that bringing her over to America could pose problems for him and Tosha. Though he has yet to meet her, it might not even matter. Tosha just posted a TikTok with the caption “Trying to get a sister wife over here like…”

In the video, she is making a trail filled with items that all lead to Sidian. It ended up on Reddit and a thread was soon started.

  • “Sidian’s vibe = college sophomore pseuduintellectual + 40yo wannabe cult leader. We see who is into that with Squeaky Fromme there!”
  • “He literally strikes me as a wannabe intellectual and cult leader. He was the goth kid in high school who never made it and had been plotting his revenge by starting his own cult. Only problem is that he’s only been able to convince one woman so far.”
  • “No one wants the Wish version of Chris Angel”

In any case, if they are trying to lure another woman and Arielle is nowhere to be seen, it is safe to say that relationship was a fail. Better luck next time. Watch their journey on Seeking Sister Wife Mondays on TLC.



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