Netflix: Anime Movie ‘Drifting Home’ Plot & Release Date

netflix drifting home trailer youtube main characters
Nick Davis

Netflix is bringing a new anime film to its platform as part of its ever-expanding list of Japanese animations. The name of the film is Drifting Home. The film is about a group of kids who find themselves mysteriously drifting out at sea in the apartment building they all grew up in. There’s nothing but endless blue around them and no help in sight. The trailer is out right now, and the comparison to classic anime films from studios like Studio Ghibli are already coming in.

Drifting Home

netflix drifting home trailer youtube
A shot of the drifting apartment building from the trailer for ‘Drifting Home’.

The trailer came out on YouTube very recently, and already has close to 100k views. Those numbers are good for a fairly new film studio like Studio Colorido. This is only Studio Colorido’s third feature film, but they’re already making a name for themselves. Their first film, Penguin Highway, is award-winning and has a perfect 100% critic score on Rotten Tomatoes. Their second film, A Whisker Away, is their first collaboration with Netflix and is currently sitting at a 93% critic score on Rotten Tomatoes. So there’s a lot of reason to believe Drifting Home will be a movie worth seeing. Especially with the amount of promise present in the new trailer.

Studio Colorido has a multi-year co-production deal with Netflix that was signed earlier this year. Netflix clearly sees a lot of promise in the up-and-coming Japanese animation studio and wants to invest in its future. On top of working with Netflix, they’ve also recently worked with Disney for an episode of the recent sci-fi anime Star Wars: Visions.

The director of Drifting Home is Hiroyasu Ishida. This is his second time directing a feature-length film, with his debut being the aforementioned critically-acclaimed Penguin Highway. This is Ishida’s first time directing a screenplay with no source material. Penguin Highway is based on a popular Japanese science fiction novel. Drifting Home is an original script written by both Hiroyasu Ishida and Hayashi Mori.


Netflix & Anime

Netflix has been leaning heavily into anime recently. They have a number of the most popular anime shows of all time streaming on their platform. From One Piece to Fullmetal Alchemist to Death Note. On top of that, they have a number of original anime shows like The Seven Deadly Sins and the upcoming Tekken: Bloodline. They definitely see the potential in Japanese content for their future, so we should expect to see a lot more of it.

Drifting Home is coming to Netflix worldwide on September 16th. It will launch with both subtitles and dubbing in multiple languages. Are you excited to watch it?

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