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Netflix Anime Movie ‘Drifting Home’: Release Date, What To Expect

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Netflix announces the release of the anime movie, Drifting Home. Unfortunately, their website doesn’t have many details. However, there is a trailer available. Keep reading to find out more about Drifting Home. 

About Netflix’s Drifting Home

Fans of the anime movieA Whisker Away are excited to learn that the same studio, Studio Colorido is releasing a new movie. Notably, Studio Colorido also made Penguin Highway. These aren’t the only familiar name behind Drifting Home. The new movie is directed by Hiroyasa Ishida. Anime fans may recognize credits for Ishida in Penguin Highway and Fumiko’s Confession. Additionally, Mori is known for Cells at Work! and Code Black. 

Also of note, Drifting Home is the third feature film for Studio Colorido. The first, Whisker Away is about a girl that transforms into a cat. Second, Penguin Highway is about a woman and a genius boy. The duo researches the mysterious appearance of a bunch of penguins.

What to expect

According to What’s On Netflix the plot of Drifting Home follows Kosuke and his friends. The group finds its way into an abandoned apartment building. Notably, the building is scheduled for demolition. Seemingly, the group is comfortable entering the building because they grew up there.

Then, something happens. As the group regains consciousness they find themselves in an endless ocean and have to find their way home. Sadly, they aren’t sure if they’ll ever go back to their previous world.

At the time of this writing, the cast of the Japanese dub and English dub aren’t known.

What’s the release date?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a specific release date for Drifting Home. The original announcement for the movie came Fall/Autumn 2021. So assumably, the movie will drop in early Spring 2022. The 2022 date seems to be the case for the US and Japan.

Netflix Drifting Home
YouTube Netflix Drifting Home

How do fans feel?

Catsuka, an animation website shares the trailer for Drifting Home. Excitedly, from the few comments available, it looks like the movie will be well-received when it releases. One fan notes that it reminds them of Drifting Classroom.  Another comment mentions that the upcoming movie “Looks good.”

Are you going to watch Drifting Home on Netflix? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below. Make sure to come back to TV Shows Ace for more Netflix and anime news.

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