‘LPBW:’ Isabel Roloff Slaps Audrey With Snarky Birthday Post

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LPBW alum Isabel Roloff was seemingly the only member of the Roloff family that took to Instagram to wish Audrey a happy birthday. Her birthday tribute, however, didn’t appear to be one overloaded with love and adoration. In fact, Little People, Big World fans believe Isabel slapped Audrey with a bit of subtle shade in her snarky post. What was it Isabel said exactly?

Isabel Roloff - LPBW
Isabel Roloff – LPBW

LPBW: Isabel Roloff slaps Audrey with subtle shade

Isabel Roloff appears to be the only member of the Roloff family who cared that yesterday was Audrey’s birthday. Tori, Matt, and Amy Roloff neglected to post anything about Audrey’s birthday on social media.

Initially, Isabel’s birthday tribute looked pretty sweet. She referred to Audrey as her “beautiful sister-in-law.” Then, she confirmed what Audrey had previously said about being closest to Isabel and Jacob. She, however, clarified this was a newer relationship noting she loved how close she and Audrey became over the past year. Isabel Roloff also made it a point to clarify she had already told Audrey happy birthday privately. She was likely doing a public birthday tribute so no headlines popped up later about her snubbing her sister-in-law.

Isabel doted on the “deep talks” she’s able to have with her sister-in-law and appreciates having Audrey to turn to when she needs help.

It was at the very top of the photo that Isabel added another statement that many LPBW fans considered to be a bit snarky. Isabel added that she loved how all of the photos of herself with Audrey were baby bump photos. She noted that they really needed to work on changing that. With Audrey Roloff’s son being about eight months old, this means it has been at least eight months since the duo got together in person and snapped photos. Some Little People, Big World questioned if Isabel was throwing doubt at how close she and Audrey really are.

This comes just after Audrey said she was close to Isabel

As TvShowsAce previously reported Audrey took to her own Instagram Stories to clear the air on her relationship with Jeremy’s siblings and their spouses. She explained she was closest to Isabel and Jacob simply because they lived closer. Audrey also explained she had a hard time being close to Tori or Molly simply because they lived in other states. Little People, Big World fans, however, were not buying what Audrey was trying to sell. They noted Zach and Tori weren’t THAT far away despite living in another state.

Audrey Roloff Sinks To New Low? Leaves Fans Disgusted [Credit: Audrey Roloff/Instagram]
[Credit: Audrey Roloff/Instagram]
Do you think the way Isabel Roloff framed her birthday tribute to Audrey had anything to do with Audrey previously saying she and Jeremy were close to Isabel and Jacob? Or, are fans reading way too much into this birthday tribute? Let us know your thoughts on this weird birthday tribute in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more on Little People, Big World.

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