Isabel Roloff Shares Precious Mateo Update: Observant & So Smart

Isabel Roloff and Mateo Instagram

Jacob Roloff’s wife Isabel shared a very precious update on her son Mateo yesterday. At seven months old, Isabel declares he has officially reached her favorite age yet. She, however, proceeds to recognize this probably won’t be the last time she declares a moment in time as her “favorite age.” Her update included a beautiful photo of herself and her son Mateo going for a swim together. The post comes with a very detailed caption as Isabel shares all of the precious things her son is currently doing with her 133,000 Instagram followers

Isabel Roloff shares precious Mateo update

As TvShowsAce previously reported, this isn’t the first seven-month update on Mateo from Isabel. Previously, she gushed about how in awe she was of the seven months her son Mateo has been alive. What is it about being seven months old that has Isabel so starry-eyed for her beautiful baby boy? Well, she penned a beautiful caption explaining just that.

She explained: “Mateo’s personality has come out SO MUCH and he is so incredibly smart! Yesterday I wore new mascara for the first time and he was staring so intensely at my eye, focusing with all his little might and went to touch my eyelashes. Like how observant can a baby be?”

Isabel Roloff Instagram
Isabel Roloff Instagram

On both her profile and her Instagram Stories, she gushed about letting her son pick which book he wanted to read and him not hesitating to make a very clear choice.

He’s also learned a sweet new skill

Isabel Roloff continues to reveal that she’s especially proud of something she’s taught little Mateo to do. Turns out, she’s taught him how to plant a big kiss on mama when prompted. And, words couldn’t describe how magical the feeling of him achieving this skill made her feel.

Jacob Roloff’s wife also admits she loves the age he is during the summer season as they’ve been able to explore lots of fresh berries from the Farmer’s Market. She explains it’s been fun to see him decide which berries he does and doesn’t prefer.

Isabel Roloff - Instagram - LPBW
Isabel Roloff – Instagram – LPBW

Isabel Roloff concluded her precious update on Mateo by noting she was completely “obsessed” with her son. And, she knew this was just the beginning of their time together. She couldn’t wait to see what the future held for them.

Her update did include a second photo. The photo also featured herself and Mateo chilling in the pool. Isabel and Jacob had a navy blue sunhat protecting him from the UV rays and shielding his face from the camera so they could share photos.

Little People, Big World fans remain bummed they’ve never actually got to see the little guy. They, however, respect Isabel and Jacob’s parenting choices. And, they appreciate the updates they do get to see.

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