Isabel Roloff In Awe Of Mateo’s 7 Months On Earth

Isabel Roloff - LPBW

Jacob Roloff’s wife Isabel took to Instagram yesterday to share a seven-month update on their son Mateo. Matt and Amy Roloff’s daughter-in-law admits that she’s in awe of the small amount of time their son has had on earth thus far. Isabel Roloff is currently experiencing a new chapter of life as she works her way through the first year of life of her firstborn child. What all did Isabel have to tell fans in her seven-month update on Mateo?

Isabel Roloff Instagram
Isabel Roloff Instagram

Isabel Roloff in awe, Mateo turns seven months old

Jacob Roloff’s wife admits she’s in shock by the realization that she has a child fast approaching one year old. Isabel questioned how they got here before recognizing that “time flies” is something parents just say. She had no idea how true the statement was until she had a child of her own.

Isabel penned in her caption: “Bringing him home from the hospital feels both like yesterday and a lifetime ago. Like I’m still getting to know him and yet I’ve always known him.”

Isabel Roloff Instagram

She proceeds to get emotional as she talks about how much Mateo is changing and growing before updating LPBW fans on the fact that he’s cut his first tooth.

he’s sitting up and starting to get the motions down for crawling !! (help I’m not ready), and he’s officially tried fruit! Bananas, strawberries, watermelon, apple, blueberries to name a few…”

She continues: “This baby is so loved. We imagined him and seven months later still can’t believe he’s really here, really ours. I’ll never stop thanking the heavens that brought you to us. The cutest, most special baby. Happy seven months you little wild thing!!!”

LPBW fans have yet to see his face

Jacob Roloff made it clear pretty early on in the pregnancy that LPBW fans would never “meet” their son. He explained that he had no intention of ever posting a photo of their son. Fans were a bit perplexed and annoyed because Isabel documented her entire pregnancy only to deny them seeing the actual baby.

Isabel Roloff - LPBW
Isabel Roloff – LPBW

Surprisingly, they’ve both posted tons of photos that include Mateo. But, they’ve been very careful to make sure his face was never shown in the photos. Isabel even explained that the family had permission to post photos Mateo was in. They just had to keep his face out of the photos.

Can you believe Mateo Roloff is already seven months old? Let us know in the comments down below.


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