Isabel Roloff Asks ‘LPBW’ Fans If She’s Fake Or Real?

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Isabel Roloff, Jacob’s wife, has been ramping up her activity on social media after telling her followers she took a bit of a mental health vacation. Things got a little weird on her Instagram Stories in the past 24 hours when she shared a close-up selfie and questioned if the photo was real or fake. More specifically, she wanted her followers to vote on whether the vibrant freckles on her face were real or fake.

Jacob Roloff and his wife get berated as hypocrites

LPBW fans pretty regularly call Isabel Roloff and her husband Jacob out as hypocrites. The couple made the decision not to have anything to do with the reality TV show. Yet, they remain in the public eye via social media. Isabel Roloff doesn’t push nearly as many products as Audrey, but she does try to use her social media following to benefit financially from time to time.

Isabel and Jacob Roloff - Instagram
Isabel and Jacob Roloff – Instagram

Perhaps the biggest issue fans have with Isabel and Jacob is the fact that they’ve decided to hide their son from social media. Now, for many fans, this rage isn’t really coming from a disrespectful place. These fans just think that it was hypocritical for Isabel and Jacob to document the entire pregnancy only to hide the baby once Mateo was born.

Isabel Roloff asks if she’s fake or real

Yesterday, Isabel Roloff shared a gorgeous selfie of herself. She had a vibrant smile on her face and she appeared to be glowing. This did not look like a mother who was lacking sleep because her little one was currently having major issues with sleeping. In a caption on the photo, Isabel asked her followers if they thought the distinct freckles were real or fake. She even included a poll that allowed her followers to share their thoughts on the photo.

Isabel Roloff - LPBW - Instagram
Isabel Roloff – LPBW – Instagram

Voting on the poll allowed her followers to see the results which can be found in the screenshot above. Nearly all of Isabel Roloff’s followers agreed that her freckles were definitely the real deal.

What were your thoughts on Isabel Roloff asking her Instagram followers if this photo of herself was real or fake? Why do you think she wanted her followers to vote about it? More importantly, do you think her freckles are real? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for the latest on the Roloff family.

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