Audrey Roloff Responds To Isabel’s Snarky Birthday Wish

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Audrey Roloff turned 31 yesterday and her sister-in-law, Isabel, was the only one to pay tribute to her on her special day from inside her Roloff family bubble. On multiple social media platforms, fans aren’t too surprised Tori didn’t say anything as fans assume she and Audrey are feuding as a result of the Roloff Farms fallout. Both Jeremy and Zach had an interest in buying from their father. But, neither son wanted to share and Matt wrote them both off as being entitled.

Isabel Roloff pens snarky birthday tribute

As TvShowsAce previously reported, Isabel Roloff penned a snarky birthday tribute to Audrey. It started out by doting about how close she and Audrey had become since she got pregnant with Mateo. The rest of her birthday tribute, however, suggests that once Audrey was no longer pregnant… The bond was gone.

Audrey Roloff Instagram
Audrey Roloff Instagram

Isabel Roloff’s snarky post revealed the last time she and Audrey hung out and snapped pictures was when they were both pregnant. Which means it was more than eight months ago. Isabel noted it was “funny” that they only had baby bump photos to share and she hoped they could change it. Fans, however, believed she was trying to creatively throw some shade in Audrey’s direction. Was Isabel implying Audrey only cares about her sister-in-laws when they are pregnant?

Audrey Roloff responded to the post

Audrey Roloff did respond to Isabel’s snarky post. She shared a screenshot of it and added her own caption to it. She didn’t lace the response with anything sweet or loving. In fact, she suggested they could get together soon for a photo shoot. Audrey noted they needed to do another back-to-back photo with them both holding their babies on the outside.

Audrey and Isabel Roloff/Instagram
Audrey and Isabel Roloff/Instagram

This photoshoot suggestion would pose a problem for Isabel as she and Jacob have decided NOT to share Mateo’s face with the world. So, they would have to get creative snapping the photo without Mateo’s face if they were going to share it.

Check out Audrey’s response down below.

Fans don’t think Audrey was completely honest in her original post. They speculate she hasn’t been close to Tori and Zach for a long time. Them moving out of state, however, gave Audrey a convenient excuse. Likewise, Isabel’s birthday tribute suggested Audrey really isn’t that close to her either as they seem to go through huge gaps of time without seeing each other.

What do you think about what Isabel posted and how Audrey responded? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more on LPBW.

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