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‘DWTS’: Jenna Johnson Shows Off Her Adorable Baby Bump

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By now, most Dancing With The Stars fans know that Jenna Johnson and Val Chmerkovskiy are expecting their first child together. The exciting news broke earlier this week that they were going to have a new bundle of joy in January 2023. Sadly, this does mean that Jenna won’t be back for DWTS this fall, even though she previously teased that she couldn’t wait to come back. But without a doubt, she will be cheering her friends and husband on from home.

Now that the news is out there, Jenna has been excited to share updates with her followers. She recently posted a new baby bump photo that’s too cute to believe!

Jenna Johnson can’t want to be a mother

Jenna and Val couldn’t be happier that they’re going to be parents. But apparently, it was a bit of a surprise.

“The shock and just disbelief was insane. I couldn’t believe it because it wasn’t an easy journey for us to get pregnant,” Jenna told PEOPLE about the moment she realized she was expecting.

Jenna Johnson from Instagram
Jenna Johnson/Instagram

Before she broke the news, Jenna said in an interview that she hated it when fans asked about her family plans.

“I think it’s a really insensitive question actually,” Jenna told Us Weekly. “You never know what somebody’s going through and the amount of DMs and comments, you know, ‘Babies on the brain,’ ‘When are you gonna have a baby?’ ‘When are you and Val gonna have a baby?’ It adds pressure, but also, it’s nobody’s business.”

But now, Jenna and Val have a reason to celebrate. Their child will be here in January 2023.

If Jenna is due in January, that means she’s finishing up her first trimester. And she’s excited that she’s already showing. The 28-year-old dancer posted a selfie on her Instagram stories posing with her bump.

“Still catches me by surprise… but couldn’t love this bump more,” she captioned the photo.

Jenna Johnson from Instagram
Jenna Johnson/Instagram

For more baby updates, follow Jenna on Instagram. Without a doubt, she will have more exciting news to share in the upcoming weeks and months.

The family rallies around Maks and Peta too

Although Jenna and Val are happy to announce they are expecting, they also feel for Val’s brother Maks and his wife Peta. The couple shared that they would love to have more children, but have been struggling with infertility.

Before announcing her own pregnancy, Jenna said that she was incredibly proud of Peta for speaking up about her miscarriages. Without a doubt, it wasn’t easy to do. But fans hope there will be a happy ending for everyone in the family. Time will tell what happens next.

Are you excited to keep up with Jenna Johnson and Val Chmerkovskiy? Follow TV Shows Ace online to keep up with the power couple. Fans can’t wait to learn more about their baby, so stay tuned for more.


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