‘Y&P’ Rachel Beaver’s Family Member Rushed To Hospital, In ICU

Young and Pregnant Rachel Beaver - Mom - youtube

MTV’s Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant star Rachel Beaver had a family member rushed to the hospital. The medical emergency was serious enough for her loved one to end up in the ICU for a period of time. What family member of this young mother was rushed to the hospital? How are they doing now? TvShowsAce has the scoop.

Young and Pregnant Rachel Beaver - Mom - youtube
Young and Pregnant Rachel Beaver – youtube

Tragedy recently struck this family

As TvShowsAce previously reported, things have not been easy for Rachel Beaver and her family as of late. On June 16th, news broke that there had been a tragic death in the family. There wasn’t a lot of information revealed on how it happened or what the cause of death was. Fans, however, learned that Rachel’s sister Maddie’s baby daddy, Lane Fernandez, passed away. With the end of one life came the beginning of another as fans also learned Rachel’s sister Maddie was pregnant with baby #2.

Y&P: Rachel Beaver’s family member rushed to hospital

An update on Facebook reveals it was Rachel Beaver’s mother Stephanie’s boyfriend, Mike Dean, that was rushed to the hospital and admitted to the ICU. Stephanie explained on social media that she and her boyfriend, Mike, had been at the hospital all week. Elaborating on what happened to a few different people that asked for specifics, Stephanie reveals it was a pretty serious situation. Turns out, her boyfriend was rushed to the hospital after having what was determined to be a severe heart attack.

Young and Pregnant Rachel Beaver - Mom - youtube
Young and Pregnant Rachel Beaver – Mom – youtube

Rachel Beaver’s mother tells her followers and friends that her boyfriend Mike is finally out of the ICU and they were working on being discharged after a long week at the hospital. She, however, made a point to clarify he had a long road to recovery. Sadly, his current heart condition would prevent him from returning to work for a period of time.

a stent put in and we’ve been in ICU since Monday and he’s got like a million medications he’s got to take once he gets home his heart is only pumping at 35%. So it’s going to be a couple months before he can even go back to work.”

Stephanie continued to tell her followers and friends that Mike survived the serious heart attack because he was one of the strong people she’s ever had the pleasure of knowing.

Rachel Beaver - Stephanie - Facebook

There was a lot of love in the comments for Rachel Beaver’s mother and her boyfriend. Fans, followers, and loved ones all prayed for a speedy recovery.


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