‘Y&P’ Rachel Beaver’s Mom, Stephanie, Pops Off At Instagram Troll

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Rachel Beaver’s mother, Stephanie Bollen, recently popped off at an Instagram troll. Wondering what’s got the Young and Pregnant star’s mother so riled up? Keep reading for the scoop.

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Rachel Beaver catches a lot of heat among the Teen Mom fan base. Over the past year, she was ridiculed regularly for her less than ideal living conditions. She made headlines when fans saw a cockroach crawl out of a present she had wrapped for her daughter. Likewise, she was slammed again months later for her moldy bathroom. And, the bathroom storage of her daughter’s formula.

Now, regardless of what Young and Pregnant fans think of Rachel Beaver… There is usually a general rule of thumb among fans. Even in the more ruthless fan circles. And, what is that rule? Well, it is that the children is off limits. Hazelee Rae is too young to change her circumstances. So, she really shouldn’t be picked at for things she can’t control.

Unfortunately, Instagram trolls do not always feel the same way. And, one of them came after Rachel’s little girl. The Instagram troll in question referred to Hazelee Rae as a “musty baby.”

Rachel Beaver’s mother, Stephanie, popped off at the Instagram troll

Now, this negative comment toward Hazelee Rae didn’t get a lot of attention initially. It wasn’t until a few days AFTER it was left on her Rachel’s Instagram post that people started to notice. Likewise, it was AFTER we published a story calling attention to it. Unsurprisingly, grandma Stephanie also caught wind that someone was picking on her grandbaby. And, what did she do? Well, she brought her mama and grandma bear fangs out to play.

The sweet Stephanie that fans usually see in the comments on Instagram flipped the script. And, she didn’t pull any punches firing back at the troll. In fact, she was so upset by the response she fired off with two separate responses. And, they were both pretty lengthy.

h*ll no Mama Bear coming on here right now …..who in the f*ck are you are you to call anybody that you don’t know especially my grandbaby you don’t know anything about my family you may know what you see on TV but obviously you’re not right in the head or you’re not right with yourself or you’re not right with your family….. get bent ……and go deal with your own problems and shut the h*ll up….. I’ll tell you what there’s a special place for people like you and I’m glad to all the heavens and earth that I don’t know you…… that would be a bad day.”

And, Rachel Beaver’s mom wasn’t done.

She continued to pop off: “obviously your whole entire profile is a joke anyway just so you can talk crap about people Instagram should have enough sense to take you off completely because you have a 0 followers 0 anyting I’ve researched you and you have a black photo screen I wish I knew who you really were but obviously you’re too big of a bully and harass her and crap talker to show your real name or your real self…….”

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“Keeping it real so Instagram doesn’t block me on any of my post let’s keep it proper but it’s a fact they need to find out who you are and shut you down how dare you ever say anything like that that’s the most precious baby in my whole entire world or that’s even around me how dare you she is an absolute sweetheart and perfect and innocent you are a horrible person and you have really made me mad so I’m going to shut my mouth now before I get shut down man I wish people like you that would have enough balls to say it to somebody’s face but y’all don’t that’s why your internet trolls,” she concluded.

So, do you like seeing Stephanie come to the aide of her daughter Rachel Beaver and her granddaughter? Share your thoughts with us on her mom in the comments.

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