‘Young & Pregnant’: Rachel Beaver Clears Air On Hazelee’s Daddy

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Rachel Beaver and her daughter Hazelee recently returned to television for Season 4 of Young & Pregnant. With new episodes airing on Tuesday nights, it wasn’t too surprising to see the young mother pop on her Instagram Stories for a bit of a Q&A session. One of the many questions Rachel was asked was about her baby daddy. Namely, a Young & Pregnant fan wanted to know if she ever got a DNA test done to confirm who the father of Hazelee was.

Young & Pregnant: Rachel Beaver clears air on Hazelee’s daddy

Rachel Beaver noted that Drew Brooks has “always been” her baby daddy and the father to Hazelee. She added that this was also common knowledge that was always known. She, however, understood where fans might get confused with the details.

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Rachel Beaver urged her followers and fans not to believe everything they see on television about herself and her family. She noted that not knowing who fathered her daughter Hazelee was such a random and stupid storyline. She admits that she partly had herself to blame for the MTV series going in that direction.

I was young & immature & I should’ve never acted as if I didn’t know so my fault.”

The Y&P star also addressed her living situation

Teen Mom fans were curious whether Rachel and her daughter Hazelee had their own place or if they were living with her mother still. Rachel was happy to confirm she had her own place with her daughter own. Likewise, fans were also itching to know what Rachel’s love life currently looked like. Rachel noted that she was currently single. She didn’t clarify whether she was interested in dating or looking for a relationship. Fans of Teen Mom, however, just loved the idea of Rachel focusing on herself and her daughter.

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Young & Pregnant fans also asked Rachel Beaver if she regretted being on television. Did filming her life and becoming a teen mother cause problems for her? Rachel admits there were definitely good and bad aspects of being on TV. But, she felt like it shined a light on a lot of fake people in her world. Likewise, Rachel also tells fans she has absolutely no regrets about how her life played out. She enjoys being a mother at such a young age. And, she hopes to have a few more children once she finds the right person to be with.

New episodes of Young & Pregnant air on Tuesday nights only on MTV.

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