‘Welcome To Plathville’: Real Reason Kim Plath Is Leaving Barry?

Kim Plath, Barry Plath, Welcome to Plathville, YouTube

Welcome to Plathville fans are puzzled why Kim Plath is leaving her husband, Barry. One of the main storylines of Season 4 has been Kim’s “mid-life crisis,” as Barry calls it. What might be the real reason she’s leaving her husband after 24 years of marriage?

Welcome to Plathville Season 4 showcases the end of Kim & Barry’s relationship.

Throughout Season 4 of the Plath family’s TLC show, fans have watched Kim’s total transformation. The TLC star has pursued her own interests. She’s wearing more makeup and more revealing clothing than ever before. She opened her own dance studio and is focusing on her health.

At the same time, she’s realized that she is no longer happy in her marriage to Barry.

As fans have watched this season of Welcome to Plathville, they have felt that Kim hasn’t fully explained her desire to leave Barry.

Kim Plath, Barry Plath, Welcome to Plathville, YouTube

Could this be the real reason Kim is leaving Barry?

On RedditWelcome to Plathville fans are discussing the show and everything that has happened so far. Some are suspicious of the divorce storyline and wonder if it’s all scripted. Others are trying to figure out the real reason for the divorce.

Some believe that Kim must have had an affair. One viewer writes, “Do we think Kim had an affair? She is so checked out.”

One teases that Kim might have hooked up with her friend, Nigel. The fan says, “U know Kim had some s*x with that gym dude and she’s never going back 😭”

Welcome to Plathville Kim Plath
Welcome to Plathville Kim Plath

Another Welcome to Plathville fan speculates that she likely had an “emotional affair” and could have slept with Nigel. Someone chimes in, “Agree 1000% she is already gone and no one bails that quick if they don’t have someone waiting on the other side.”

Someone else is shocked to learn that the couple is splitting, especially due to their fundamentalist beliefs.

At this point, the Plaths have not confirmed nor denied that Kim had an affair. And it’s unclear if those details will ever come to light. For now, it’s still a mystery why exactly Kim and Barry are splitting up, but fans certainly have their theories.

So, do you think there’s a chance that Kim Plath had an affair? Or do you think there’s another reason she’s leaving Barry? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below. And don’t miss new episodes of Welcome to Plathville on Tuesdays on TLC and discovery+.

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  1. She’s adamant to leave and shows no sympathy toward Barry for wanting out. After 24 years you don’t tell someone you want a divorce and show coldness just like that…like a water faucet. She doesn’t even care that he’s hurt. “I want out” is what she’s telling anyone who will listen. If they were breaking up together they would both be hurt, sad, and just go through it. She’s got someone to wipe her tears (if any) and she’s got someone who is making her feel extra confident. Ridiculous. She has male support… not female friends sitting next to her saying “it’s alright.” She absolutely is having an affair and someone is encouraging her to wear her clothes and makeup to reveal more than what she used to. What happened to “eyes down?” What a hypocrite. She needs to move out and Barry needs to hire a nanny and enroll them in school. Kim isn’t needed at home. She’s not there for them anyway…not mentally. Just get out Kim. That’s what you want…then go.

    1. Definitely having an affair. She’s wanting out too fast & changing makeup, losing weight, drinking & wearing revealing clothes are all signs. Let her go cause she has already checked out!!

    2. I believe Kim never got over the fact she ran her young child over in the driveway. Barry probably throws out some guilt comments her way as he most likely is still livid she is the reason their child died. Go try and save your marriage via counseling and whatever it takes to stay married. Otherwise divorce and both stay stuck. Then drag all unresolved hurt, pain, and grief into their next relationships.

  2. This kinda thing happens a lot to couples in a long time marriage! No one’s perfect but surprised they didn’t try and make things work! It’s their choice so let it be! I pray the kids all can forgive their Mother as we have only 1 Mother and we should respect her choices!! Just saying!!❤️

    1. Respect is earned. She’s earned the hussy mom title. I’d kick her to the curb as my mom. Good riddance … don’t let the door hit you in your self righteous butt on the way out of our lives. Bring a mom is a privilege, not just because you push out a baby.

  3. Kim is jealous off her oldest childrens lives………reminders of her college partying days. And I also believes she found Barry’s refusal to go to Moriah’s concert with her and the children to be an absolute betrayal of their marriage vows, which she finds unforgivable. Now she’s going to punish him and these children by breaking noun the family to find a man that will stand by her……………………………right or wrong. Kim will not tolerate disloyalty from anyone.

  4. Idk if she’s having an affair but I wish she would get some professional therapy. She has a lot of unresolved issues and she’s using her kids as her therapist. That’s so inappropriate. The woman has NO boundaries. She should not be discussing her feelings about Barry and her marriage with any of her kids.

  5. Kim is cold hearted and seems to be blaming Barry for it all meanwhile she was the rule maker and wore the pants in that relationship. I feel she gave up without trying because she’s having an affair. Karmas a bitch!!

  6. I think that the reason is , because she is following her older kids decisions and seeing how much fun they’re having being free and drinking she is following them but honestly she’s not going to find much because the people out having fun are looking for what she has which is a family life and love at home like she needs to get that out of her system and go back with her family

  7. I think she got jealous of her older kids out and having fun. And she never had a chance for that and now wants to get out there and have fun too

  8. I think that Kim had an Affair with Nigel and like everyone that cheats, she really thinks she has a future with this man. She needs to stop lying to Barry and her kids because they deserve the truth. The truth will come out one day. She’s a cheater and had a taste of another man’ penis and now she thinks she will have a better life because of sex. I hope Nigel throw her away and will see that this is sinful and that he broke a marriage and a family. Who is she kidding? Tell the truth.I feel so sorry for her younger kids.

    1. Go back and watch season 1. Kim isn’t wearing more makeup and she wore tank tops all the way back in season 1. Media publish stories, based on opinion, and people believe it. Season 1 episode 3, Kim didn’t start the driveway confrontation. Barry had the first comment as far as Ethan and Olivia being there when Kim and Barry were out of town. Going back and watching Season 1 again, everyone says ” Mom doesn’t allow [this] or Kim doesn’t allow [this]”. I don’t think it was Kim. I think that she was following what her husband wanted but, she got made out as the bad guy. I know first hand. My husband, the father of our children, has very strong opinions about things but he will never say those things aloud or enforce what he believes. I was always the one that had to enforce his ideas. So, he’s always been the fun one and I’ve always been the strict one, even though I was not enforcing my beliefs but his.

  9. Kim is just a very selfish person right now. Me, me, me. That’s all we hear. I deserve more, she says. Well, maybe Barry does too. Why hasn’t marraige counseling even been an option? Because she has another man. Her holier-than- thou image is gone, replaced by a selfish b…. To do this to her young children is so cruel. I dislike her so much , at this point. Who did she choose to talk to, a man friend, their realtor? Most women have women friends to share problems with. I don’t even care if she remains on the show.

  10. Kim forgot she insulted Olivia by telling her she was not good enough for Ethan. Kim has a convenient memory. Also please don’t show her dancing Ballet because right now she doesn’t have the body for it and does not look graceful. Maybe one day she will.

  11. Kim is one of the most disgusting souls I’ve ever seen. She kills her kid (in my opinion) probably because it was out of wedlock. Her hypocrisy and her manipulative mind washing are nauseating. Kim is the pinacle of verminous appearance, I do not comprehend why anyone would aid her with executing her affair, she probably paid for it. Olivia is totally right about this situation, and I feel the older kids are total backstabbers. They trash talk their parents and now they want to make amends. Olivia is the only one with any sense here. She should totally divorce Ethan. He is such a hormonal jerk and a hypocritical wuzz. She needs a real partner who will appreciate her. Also Moraiah existence is a injustice to humanity’s intelligence. Olivia needs to get away from this deranged family faster than it would take anyone to say NO to willingly ingesting rectal mass.

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