Kim Plath Struts In Heels & Shorts, Comfy In Her Own Skin?

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Welcome to Plathville mama Kim Plath is strutting her stuff in heels and shorts in the new season of the show. TLC has given viewers a peek at what’s ahead for the Plath family in the new season. It kicks off very soon and showcases the next chapter of the family’s lives.

It looks like Kim might finally be getting comfortable in her own skin. Scroll down to get all of the details about what’s to come.

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Leading up to the Welcome to Plathville Season 4 premiere, TLC has been giving fans a look at what’s in store. We’ve seen a few hints at big changes for Barry and Kim Plath. Plus, Moriah Plath is opening up about the dark time in her life.

Kim Plath finally feels comfortable in her own skin?

On Monday, May 16, TLC released yet another preview for the upcoming season of Welcome to Plathville. And in the new clip, Kim Plath is dancing, wearing heels, and discovering who she is.

Below, you can see that Kim is dancing in the living room with her daughters. Despite her strict rules, she is letting loose and enjoying herself. She’s even wearing a short skirt, a fitted tank top, and high heels.

This is a much different Kim Plath than fans have seen in the past few seasons of the show.

She admits, “All I know is that I’ve been a mom and I’ve been a wife. And now, it’s time to be me.”

TLC Instagram, Kim Plath

It looks like she’s digging in and trying to discover her true self after it was buried for so long. TLC teases, “Kim was a dancer in college, and now she’s going back to her roots! ”

You can watch a sneak peek from TLC here.


The Season 4 previews so far have suggested that something big is happening in Kim’s life. Her husband, Barry, even wonders if she’s experiencing a mid-life crisis. Much more drama will unfold in the new season and we will get more details about what’s going on with Kim. Is she finally becoming more comfortable in her own skin?

So, what do you think we will see from Kim Plath in the new season of Welcome to Plathville? Are you surprised to see her in heels and shorts? Share your thoughts in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more Plath family updates. Plus, don’t miss the Welcome to Plathville Season 4 premiere on TLC on Tuesday, May 17.

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