Kim Plath’s New ‘Friend’ Nigel Has Her All Smiles, Why?

On Welcome to Plathville Season 4 Episode 3, viewers met Kim Plath’s new friend, Nigel. Fans quickly learned that he makes her very happy and she acts a little bit differently around Nigel than her family. So, what’s going on with Kim these days? Keep reading to get all of the details.

Note that this article contains details about Welcome to Plathville Season 4 Episode 3. If you have not yet watched the latest episode, which aired on Tuesday, May 31, you may wish to skip this article.

So far on this season, fans have had a chance to see Kim finding herself. The mother to nine has always been a mom and wife. So, now, she wants to pursue her own passions. She is opening a dance studio, which has put more on her husband Barry’s plate. And now, she’s even making new friends, as shown on the May 31 episode of the show.


Kim Plath seems happier with her new pal, Nigel.

Kim has made some more progress on her total transformation and recently made a friend. On Tuesday night, fans met Kim’s friend, Nigel from Jamaica. She met him at the local gym, and they hit it off. Eventually, the Welcome to Plathville star invited her friend to her home to cook for her family.

Though Kim denied that she was trying to make her husband jealous, Barry did express his feelings about the whole thing. He claimed that he’s not a jealous person, but this is a strange situation for him.

On social media, fans are talking about the dynamic between Kim and Nigel. Many are pointing out how “giddy” he makes her.

It’s possible that Kim Plath is simply feeling excited about having a new friend, but some viewers are wondering what might actually be going on here.

In addition to her blossoming new friendship with Nigel, Kim Plath has begin sleeping on the couch. We’ll have to see what is next for Kim and Barry’s relationship. Some fans are predicting they will split up, especially with Nigel in the picture. He clearly makes Kim very happy.

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