Netflix & HBO Max Share ‘All American: Homecoming’ Season 1

All American: Homecoming YouTube

American sports drama series All American: Homecoming by Nkechi Okoro Carroll premiered on The CW on February 21, 2022. However, there were no reports of the series making it to Netflix. Yet, the show has unexpectedly been picked up by the popular streaming service. As of July 12, 2022, fans can now stream the All American spin-off series.

Is All American: Homecoming Part Of The CW’s Expansive Deal?

Netflix was already invested in the flagship series All American, with Season 1 to 4 available on the streaming platform, at least in the United States. As a part of The CW’s expansive deal, All American by April Blair is by far the most popular series to stream on Netflix. As per the deal, every show on The CW that premiered before 2019 is now available on Netflix for users to stream.

All American: Homecoming YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

After All American Season 4 was added to Netflix in May 2022, the show has constantly featured in the Netflix US TV top 10. As of July 12, the show is the 10th most popular show in the United States. The spin-off series was introduced to fans in Season 3, Episode 17, titled Homecoming. As per What’s On Netflix, this was the backdoor pilot episode for the spin-off series.

All American: Homecoming YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

A similar thing was seen in NBC’s The Office in Season 9 with what would have been The Farm with Dwight Schrute. However, it didn’t go through, and the idea was put off. The All American spin-off was underway as early as 2020. The show then aired Season 1 in February 2022 & wrapped up in May 2022. Season 2 has also been confirmed by the network and is set to air on The CW in October 2022.

Spin-off Brings In Cast From the Main Series

The spin-off series has Simone Hicks’ character return. Moreover, the pilot also starred Cory Hardrict, Sylvester Powell, Peyton Alex Smith, Camille Hyde, Kelly Jenrette, and Netta Walker. They are all rolled in for the spin-off series as well.

All American: Homecoming YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

Originally, All American: Homecoming’s chances of hopping on board the streaming service provider’s platform were highly unlikely. This was despite earlier reports that certain titles from the network would stream on Netflix US. It was yet to happen.

Will All American: Homecoming Stream Outside The US?

With The CW’s deal with Netflix ending in 2019, the idea was to let the respective show owners move them to their very own streaming service. In all probability, it means that shows aired so far would go to Paramount+ or HBO Max.

The same pattern was seen with this spin-off series as it was added to HBO Max in June 2022. However, it has since departed from the platform. Now, the spin-off is available exclusively on Netflix, with Season 1 that premiered on July 12, 2022, in the United States.

For fans outside the country, the main series only has Season 1 streaming on Netflix. So, it is almost certain that the spin-off won’t be available for fans. At least not anytime soon!

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