Danielle Busby Shares Irony Of Parker’s Height

Handling a kid or two can be a full-time job. Imagine being parents of six like Adam and Danielle Busby. How would you give each a fair share of parent time? When the Busby family is troubled with a situation like this, Uncle Dale and Aunt Kiki come to the rescue.

Danielle Busby Shares Glimpses Of Evening With Riley, Hazel, & Parker

Outdaughtered stars Adam and Danielle Busby recently had a fun time with three of their daughters as the other three spent the night at Aunt Kiki’s. Danielle uploaded two pictures on Instagram of the fun evening the couple had with their daughters at League City Park in Texas.

Parker Busby YouTube

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The mother of six captioned the post, “Buzz & I had a fun evening playing at the park and spoiling these three girls,”

“KiKi had the other 3 spend the night, so it gave us an opportunity to spend more ‘intimate quality time’ with Hazel, Riley, & Parker Kate. #sisters #familyisforever #itsabuzzworld #summervibes”, she added.

Fans Amazed At How Tall Parker Busby Is

However, what caught fans’ eyes was the fact that Parker being the youngest one among the quintuplets, turned out to be the tallest. One fan commented, “Parker is so tall!”

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The 38-year-old was quick to reply, stating, “Yep! She has always been the tallest but is actually the baby baby, haha.”

Another chimed in, “Parker is so cute. OMG, just like Hazel and Riri too.”

A third commented, “Growing up so fast. When is the show coming back on? Miss it.”

A fourth added, “So nice! What a supportive family! It has to be difficult giving 1 on 1 with so many girls, but with the help and love of fam, this can work.”

“The Busby girls are so adaptable and easy to be around. Their personalities and cute antics make them so much fun to be around!” they added.

A fifth complemented, “Riley looks like Adam, love it.”

Parker Busby’s Struggle With Anxiety

Although Parker is the tallest among the quints, she is also the shyest. Often fans have expressed concern over Parker looking seemingly upset in pictures uploaded by her parents. However, it seems like Parker is coming out of her shell and trying to live life to its fullest. The picture shows parker smiling from ear to ear.

Parker Busby YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

With age, she has become a lot more confident and has developed a special bond with her sister Riley. Apart from being the shy one, Parker also dealt with anxiety issues in the past. Her anxiety was especially evident after she experienced a meltdown during a school performance.

Later, the 7-year-old was assessed by an occupational therapist, who confirmed that Parker is shy in new situations. She also provided the couple with some tips to ease Parker’s discomfort. As of now, the youngest Busby has gotten better at navigating through uncharted situations. Hopefully, she comes out strong every time!

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