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Ballerina Parker Busby Shows No Signs Of Anxiety

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Ballerina Parker Busby looks incredibly happy and beautiful fans think. In fact, a recent photo by Danielle Busby reveals no traces of her anxiety that she suffered from in the past. Always reticent and slow to smile, fans noticed how radiant she looked. Adam, the OutDaughtered dad, worked particularly hard as he helped her overcome her stress in front of the cameras.

Ballerina Parker seems less anxious as time goes by

We reported that Parker seemed so anxious and distressed in front of the cameras, that fans became increasingly worried about her. In fact, some of them became critical of the Busby parents for allowing her to take her pre-school evaluations in front of the film crew. However, Adam and Danielle took Parker for some therapy. And over time, she seemed less anxious. But in some photos, she still looks a bit awkward and hesitant to smile. Still, fans seem very happy that she seems way less anxious these days.

News emerged that the quints attend ballet lessons. But some of them, including Riley, never took to it. However, Parker and Hazel appear delighted with the dance classes. TLC fans also heard that the TLC crew film their lessons for the upcoming season of OutDaughtered. Parker Busby seems completely free of any anxiety in the latest photo that her mom shared on Instagram.

TLC fans rave about Parker in her ballet outfit

On Monday, February 1, Danielle shared a photo of Hazel and Parker in their ballet costumes. Fans instantly noticed that Parker looks completely happy with no trace of shyness. Clearly, the dance gives her confidence. Perhaps she does really well at it. And fans like the idea of her achieving. After all, everyone saw in the OutDaughtered show that she struggles with her schoolwork. Perhaps she fears failing. However, it certainly looks like she’s a natural when it comes to ballet.

Commenting on Ballerina Parker Busby, TLC fans talked about her poise and beauty. One of them wrote, “they are too cuute😍🙌 parker looks like a typical ballerina ❤️.”

Another fan commented, “Parkers face!! 😍😍 so happy.”

This comment also talked about Parker: “omgggg [Parker]. i knew she would love especially with hazel basil right besides her😍😍.”

Ballerina Parker Busby Shows No Signs Of Anxiety
Credit: Danielle Busby | Instagram

Ballet helps with confidence

Carolina Dance Capital notes that ballet teaches kids strength, discipline, and rhythm.” Plus, they exercise, and it helps them learn social skills. They also learn self-confidence “dancing in front of classmates and in front of an audience.” Notably, it really helps build “self-esteem.”

Hopefully, Ballerina Parker Busby keeps on enjoying her lessons. Already tall and showing signs of great beauty, with her loss of anxiety and a boost in her confidence, presumably, she grows into a well-adjusted young adult.

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