‘Jeopardy’ What Is Going On With Mayim Bialik’s Voice?

'Jeopardy' What Is Going On With Mayim Bialik's Voice?

Jeopardy! fans want to know what’s going on with Mayim Bialik’s voice. They noticed that it sounded “very strange” in the recent episodes of the show. This comes after the host opened up about her health scare. She revealed that she tested positive for the COVID-19 virus for the first time in the two-year-long pandemic.

She’s been holding down the fort as Ken Jennings continues his hiatus. He’s expected to return by Monday, July 18. However, fans are less than impressed with Bialik’s hosting style. They recently found something “strange” about her voice on the game show.

Mayim Bialik's Voice Sounds Strange? [YouTube]

Jeopardy! fans notice “very strange” detail

The fans of the longtime game show are a clever bunch. No detail, blunder, or typo doesn’t go unnoticed. Jeopardy! fans noticed something “very strange” about Mayim Bialik’s voice. They’ve already grown tired of the actress as she hosts her ninth consecutive week on the show.

Bialik has been criticized for the way she slows down the show. She will listen to cues from production. Fans argued that this messes up the flow of the game show. Recently, they noticed a “strange” detail about Bialik’s voice. They think this change is distracting them from how the game is played.

Mayim Bialik Ridiculed For Blunders [YouTube]
Mayim Bialik and Ken Jennings have been passing the baton back and forth on the game show. They’re duking it out for the coveted Jeopardy! hosting position. Most are holding out hope that Jennings will end up with the new gig. However, there are some who are big fans of the Big Bang Theory alum.

Once again, she received backlash, but this time for her speaking voice. Viewers noticed something “strange” about the host’s voice during the recent episodes. This also comes as Family Feud once again dominated Jeopardy! in the ratings. Fans think this is proof that people are sick of the former child star.

What’s wrong with Mayim Bialik’s voice?

One Jeopardy! watcher took to the subreddit to share their thoughts on the most recent episodes. They noticed that the “audio has been off lately.” The Reddit user wanted to know if there was something wrong with their television or if other fans noticed the sound issues.

  • “Certainly Johnny [Gilbert] and Mayim’s voice sound echoey or something.”
  • “This is the third or fourth comment I’ve seen from other people, so I am confident there is something strange about the audio.”
  • “Someone here pointed out they’re still without in-person audiences and the applause is all canned.”

That’s not the only thing unnerving Jeopardy! viewers lately. Some of them pointed out that Mayim Bialik made the same mistakes on the show last week. They called her out for allowing incomplete answers after Megan Wachspress’s controversial win.

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