‘Jeopardy!’ Outraged Fans Ask ‘Why Is Mayim Bialik Still Hosting?’

Jeopardy! Outraged Fans Ask Why Is Mayim Bialik Still Hosting? [YouTube]

Jeopardy! fans are outraged yet again. The last episode had them wondering, “Why is Mayim Bialik still hosting?” They’ve been impatiently waiting for the show to announce the new permanent host. In addition, fans have been waiting for Ken Jennings’ highly-anticipated return.

He’s been away from the show since May. Bialik has taken over the podium for several weeks. Fans haven’t liked the way that she hosts the show. They think she slows down the pace and ruins the flow altogether.

Fans were disappointed when she popped up yet again on the Monday, July 4th episode.

Mayim Bialik Returns To Jeopardy [YouTube]

Mayim Bialik returns for another week

Much to the chagrin of Jeopardy! fans, Mayim Bialik returned for another week. They noticed that she was “all over the place” in the latest episode. They’re upset that they have to watch her for another week. Viewers were hoping that Jennings would’ve returned by now.

Monday’s episode made fans outraged. Ken Jennings is still MIA from the popular game show. In the early part of May, he announced on Twitter that he was returning the keys back to the actress. Jennings shared a lot of praise for Bialik and felt that the show would be in good hands.

Jeopardy Fans Criticize Mayim Bialik [YouTube]
However, Jeopardy! fans haven’t felt that way. They’re tired of seeing Bialik’s face on the screen. They’ve been waiting for Jennings’ return after his prolonged disappearance. The former child star kicked off the patriotic episode in a blue and red ensemble, but the fans weren’t feeling the spirit. Most of them prefer Jennings over the Blossom alum.

He seemed like the natural successor to the late Alex Trebek. But, production took it upon itself to “test” a series of celebrity guests throughout Season 37. Former executive producer Mike Richards almost ended up with the position after his past controversies came back to haunt him. He was also exposed to gunning for the coveted position from the start.

Jeopardy! fans did not feel the holiday spirit

Since then, the position has been down to Mayim Bialik and Ken Jennings. Bialik tried her best to keep up the spirit of the show on Monday. However, Jeopardy! fans weren’t feeling the holiday spirit. They couldn’t help but notice that she kept making mistakes during that episode.

“Response time was all over the place today. Two seconds maybe seven, who knows,” one fan wrote on YouTube.

This is her eighth week of hosting. Jennings previously warned that he would be out for “months.” Disgruntled Jeopardy! fans took to that same YouTube video to talk about seeing Bialik for another week. They want to know when Jennings is coming back.

  • “I’m tired of Mayim I can’t wait for when Ken Jennings is back.”
  • “Previously, it was posted that Ken would return today. It’s disappointing that Mayim is still hosting. Fingers crossed that these are her last two weeks hosting–EVER.”

Fans previously noticed that the host for this week wasn’t revealed in the TV listings. Jennings may return in the last two weeks of Season 38. Rumors are also swirling that Buzzy Cohen could end up with one of the positions. Jeopardy! producers suggested that they could use multiple hosts.

What are your thoughts on Mayim Bialik? Do you want Ken Jennings back? Sound off below in the comment section.

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Chanel Adams


    1. Mayim is ruining this show. The producers’ indecisiveness has become a joke.

      Just cut Mayim lose and go with LITERALLY ANYONE ELSE!@!!

    2. When Myham is on, I hardly ever watch. I turn it on the beginning of the show and immediately turn to another channel. Want Jennings back.

  1. I like Mayim Bialik. But I haven’t seen an episode with her in a while, so something could have happened in that time.

  2. I’m sick of people saying Mayim is doing a bad job. She interacts with players and is very professional. She’s far better than Ken. Most people who love her don’t respond to all the negative remarks. She’s great!!!

    1. I like Mayim. Why all the criticism? What’s wrong with fans? She’s doing a great job, good pace, kind to contestants, smart, personable.

  3. Bring back Ken Jennings – PLEASE! This woman goes beyond horrible. I refuse to watch while she’s in charge – and will not watch until Ken or Buzzy Cohen take over and send her packing. How in heaven’s name did she ever get chosen as a host of this show? She is quite possibly the worst game show host I’ve ever seen – I can only think of one who would be worse and that was the guy who did “Supermarket Sweep” (talk about a horrible program!) a number of years ago, Dave something-or-the-other. He must have taught her about hosting. Save Jeopardy! Ken Jennings for permanent host!

    1. I can’t stand Ken Jennings!! I think he’s arrogant, his “jokes” aren’t funny, & he has no personality!
      I’d vote for Mayim every time!

  4. Mayim is OK, but she’s not even in the same ZIP Code compared to Ken Jennings. Mayim has too many awkward pauses and hesitations. Ken is the G.O.A.T. And he brings the same level of performance to the host podium that he brought to the show as a contestant.

  5. Mayim is lovely as host.
    Brilliant person, enthusiastic, kind, and real. Note what you like about her, not what you don’t. I think she’s great. Can you do what she does and have stage presence?

  6. I like Mayim on BBB and even Call Me Kat. I watch both. She doesn’t have what it takes to replace Alex. Too many long pauses, too many mistakes, sometimes condescending to contestants, it just doesn’t work. I’m watching out of habit but if Ken isn’t made permanent I’m gone.

  7. Mayim may be a nice person but hosting Jeopardy is not her forte. She does not know the answers to the questions and is very awkward in her interactions with the players.
    Bring Ken Jennings back permanently and save the show. Thank

  8. We really like Mayim! I don’t understand what all the fuss is about. She is smart and articulate. She isn’t full of herself like some of the celebrities who tried out. Just concentrate on the game. I never even thought to count seconds? What’s that about?

  9. Mayim is a strong, independent woman with a unique style! She brings a different perspective to the show adding character and personality. Many like her and hope she will stick around. Ken is a good host, perhaps a bit smug but fine in his current role.

  10. Yes she is not a host making mistakes every day slowing down the flow and interrupting the contestants when they are trying to answer GET HER OFF THE SHOW
    BRING BACK KEN now please

  11. I’ve already stopped watching Jeopardy whenever Ken hosts and will continue to do so. I have found him to be one of the worst hosts ever. He’s blah. He has no warmth. He comes across very impersonal.

  12. I like Ken much better he and has been part of Jeopardy for a long time he is the man

  13. It’s probably 3 people who don’t want Mayim but they act like it’s hundreds of thousands! LOL!! She’s so much better than Ken.

  14. Alex made a few mistakes also, but he WAS jeopardy so no one said anything. Leave her alone. She is doing a great job considering the shoes she has to fill.

  15. Shes great! She’s got the personality that Ken doesn’t have. Alot of the mistakes to I have noticed were all behind the camera folks doing. She has made errors but you whiners are whining about petty issues.Tell ya’ what, don’t threaten to leave, just go! You won’t be missed.

  16. Love watching when Mayim is hosting. She’s smart, great with contestants and fun. She’s doing an excellent job.

    Ken’s ok but if he returns, I’m probably done watching Jeopardy. No excitement to the show with him hosting.

  17. Mayim Bialik does an excellent job and should be the permanent host. “You can please some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time.”

  18. Ken Jennings has the right pace for the show. He is smart & funny & keeps the show moving along. Please name him the HOST/EMCEE of Jeopardy. In my opinion, Mayim is just not right for this show.

  19. I like both, but I can’t understand why there is such hatred of Mayim. She clearly loves the game and her enjoyment is contagious.

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