‘Jeopardy!’ Fans’ Turmoil Over Mayim Bialik’s Botch, Champ Got Robbed?

Jeopardy! Fans' Turmoil Over Mayim Bialik's Botch, Champ Got Robbed? [YouTube]

Jeopardy! fans are in turmoil over Mayim Bialik’s botch. Once again, the host made another blunder. The Big Bang Theory actress has been taking over the show for the eighth consecutive week. Ken Jennings is still on his extended hiatus. The champ warned fans that he would be out for “months.”

Meanwhile, fans are waiting to see who will become the new permanent host. That has yet to be announced. Fans are getting sick of Bialik’s presence. They noticed the way that she hosts the show.

Mayim Bialik Accepts Incorrect Response [YouTube]

Mayim Bialik was accused of robbing a former contestant

Mayim Bialik has been accused of robbing a contestant from winning. The Friday, July 8 episode had fans frustrated with the guest host yet again. They think Jeopardy! should invite back former contestant Sadie Goldberger after she was “robbed” of a clear victory. Bialik accepted another incomplete response.

It happened during Friday’s episode of Jeopardy! Host Mayim Bialik asked the final question, “A 2021 study suggested that an asteroid struck the Jordan Valley c. 1650 B.C. gave rise to the story of this city in Genesis 19.”

Returning champion Brian Ahern incorrectly wrote, “Babel.” Leigh Jahnig didn’t know the answer either. She previously answered “The Great Flood,” but crossed it out and messily wrote, “Sodom.”

Final Jeopardy Round [YouTube]
“What is, it looked like ‘The Great Flood,’ but it became Sodom,” Bialik said. “That is correct!”

Leigh’s total amounted to $32,000. However, Robert Won could’ve become the new champ by a single dollar when he wound up with $32,001. Jeopardy! fans noticed that the actress accepted yet another sloppy response. They took to Twitter by storm to share their thoughts.

Leigh Jahnig's Incorrect Response [YouTube]
“Now a sloppy answer was accepted from Leigh? This is like what happened when I thought Sadie wrote down Harriet Tubman but it was sloppy. Mayim said Sadie didn’t finish her answer and it looked like she did,” one fan wrote.

“Just because of what happened today, I still think Sadie should be brought back. I guess sloppy answers can be allowed. Jeopardy should bring Sadie back,” a second one added.

“Mayim is frustrating, to say the least,” a third user tweeted.

Who is Jeopardy! contestant Sadie Goldberger?

Season 38 of Jeopardy! has caused its share of controversy this season. Not only have fans been putting Bialik on blast, but they also have issues with the game itself. Last month, Sadie made an appearance on the show. While she had the correct response, she didn’t write it out in full.

Bialik told Sadie that she noticed she wrote Harriet Tubman’s name, but she didn’t write it out in full. As a result, she lost her wager of $7,5000, which could’ve given her a grand total of $17,300. Bialik named Megan the new champ at that shocking moment.

This led to Megan Wachspress’s baffling lucky streak. It’s one of the most controversial moments in this season alone. Jeopardy! fans claimed that Sadie was “robbed” during that moment. Yet, they’ve noticed that Bialik has accepted incomplete answers after that episode aired.

What are your thoughts? Do you agree that Sadie was robbed? Do you think she should be given another chance? Sound off below in the comment section.

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  1. I agree wit the writer’s comments. As loyal fans for 20+ years, we deserve the curtesy of an
    update on the process of choosing the next host. How much longer will it be? Even though we’re in the Summer months, when the Show is normally on hiatus, it would be nice to get an “ update” on the “Host” situation.

  2. YES! Sadie was robbed because prior to her attendance on the show, I observed other sloppily written answers. Bialik is inconsistent and erratic. Sometimes she says “NO!” instead of “clarify” or “more specific” which she will say other times. Get consistent on the way hosts need to handle these things PLEASE.

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