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Isabel Roloff Gives Her Reason Behind A Sibling For Mateo?

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Isabel Roloff welcomed her first child, son Mateo, into the world last December, and it sounds like she is ready to have another baby. With Mateo just turning seven months, the former Little People Big World star explained why she wants to deliver a new sibling for her son.

Isabel Roloff delivers beautiful tribute to her brother

Jacob and Isabel Roloff welcomed Mateo Tomás into the world on Dec. 4, 2021. She said at the time that her birth story didn’t go as planned, but “being a mother is the most myself I have ever felt.” Now that Mateo is seven months old, she is thinking about the future, and that includes expanding her family. She mentioned this in a beautiful message she left about her own brother on Instagram.

Isabel Roloff Shares Why Her Big Boobs & Double Chin Is Ok [Credit: Isabel Roloff/Instagram]
[Credit: Isabel Roloff/Instagram]
Isabel’s brother is Nico, and she has fond memories of their childhood together, and the two remain close to this day. In the post, she mentioned that there was an eleven-year age difference between her and her older brother, and he was always there to take care of her. She even said he shaped her into who she is today.

“Growing up, my brothers took me on countless adventures. They taught me how to skip rocks, ride bikes, build forts, drive a car, train a dog, and so much more,” Isabel wrote.

Isabel also said he taught her how to play a guitar and record music. He introduced her to bands that no one else was talking about. He also taught her how to be kind but not take any crap.

“If you know him, you know he’s this gentle sage, until you cross someone he loves and then his Aries really comes out,” she wrote.

Isabel Roloff Instagram Post

Isabel explains how Nico makes her want to have another child

Isabel Roloff finished the Instagram post by explaining how her relationship with Nico makes her want to expand her own family. Seeing how important Nico was in her life made her realize Mateo could play a similar role in a younger brother’s or sister’s life, as well.

“So sometimes if I question if I want to have any more kids, I remember that so much of who I am is because of my brother,” Isabel wrote. “It’s a gift to have a sibling. And if you’re lucky, your sibling will be your best friend.”

Jacob and Isabel Roloff would continue to expand the ever-growing Roloff family tree. Jeremy Roloff has three children, daughter Ember and sons Bode and Radley, the latter two born in 2020 and 2021. Zach Roloff has three children with daughter Lilah and sons Jackson and Josiah. Josia was born this April. If Jacob and Isabel Roloff have a second child, that will mark eight grandkids in the Little People Big World family.

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