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Isabel Roloff Shares Photo Of Baby Boy & Reveals His Name

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Isabel Roloff shared a photo of her baby boy on Instagram, and she revealed his name. As those who follow Isabel on social media know, it has been just shy of three weeks since the last time she posted anything on her profile. LPBW fans speculated Isabel and Jacob welcomed their baby boy into the world when she suddenly stopped posting about her pregnancy.

As we previously reported, it was Amy Roloff who first spilled the beans on his arrival. She was chatting during an Instagram Live when she slipped up and mentioned her new grandsons. Later on in the live, she slipped up a second time confirming Isabel and Jacob had welcomed their baby boy into the world. Unfortunately, Amy Roloff did not spill the name Isabel and Jacob selected for their baby boy.

It wasn’t too long after Amy spilled the beans that the birth of Isabel and Jacob’s baby boy was confirmed. Jacob and Isabel’s baby boy’s name, however, still eluded the public. What did they decide to name the baby?

LPBW Jacob Roloff - Isabel Roloff Instagram
LPBW Jacob Roloff – Isabel Roloff Instagram

Fortunately, Isabel Roloff finally surfaced on Instagram late tonight. She posted a photo of her baby boy before they returned home from the hospital. She spilled some birth details. And, she revealed the name they selected for their son.

Isabel and Jacob Roloff’s baby boy’s name

Both Isabel and her husband Jacob confirmed the name of their baby boy to be Mateo Tomás.

Isabel Roloff revealed she gave birth on December 4th at 12:40 A.M. She admitted that her birth story didn’t work out as she had planned. But, she recognized that life doesn’t always follow a set plan.

Jacob and Isabel Roloff via Instagram
Jacob and Isabel Roloff via Instagram

Isabel Roloff continued to pen a beautiful reflection on what it felt like stepping into motherhood. She also gushed about how precious it was to see her husband Jacob step into the role of fatherhood.

These past few weeks have shown me what true surrender and trust looks like. I have never been more hands on my knees afraid and I have also never known a love so big. Seeing Jacob as a father is the most heartwarming thing I have ever witnessed. Being a mother is the most myself I have ever felt.”

She concluded her sweet post by noting the birth of her son just reaffirmed her belief that angels were watching over her and her family.

Jacob and Isabel Roloff feature
Instagram Isabel Roloff

Teases fans with a photo of her baby boy

Now, Jacob Roloff was pretty adamant about the fact that photos of his baby boy would not be made public. In response to those admitting they could not wait to see his beautiful baby boy, Jacob pointed out that people following him online would never get to “meet” his son. Jacob Roloff had no intention of posting photos of his son online. Given Jacob’s history, many LPBW fans understood why he would make that decision.

Jacob’s decision, however, didn’t stop Isabel Roloff from sharing a photo of her baby boy. Unfortunately, it wasn’t exactly a full photo of the baby. But, her followers got to see his adorable little hand wrapped around one of his parent’s fingers.

Isabel Roloff
Isabel Roloff – Instagram

Isabel was quick to reassure potential trolls in the comments that the photo was taken before leaving the hospital. So, there was no reason for them to call attention to the baby’s long nails.

Those who follow Isabel and Jacob on Instagram poured into the comments to thank her for sharing a sweet photo of her baby boy. Moreover, they were thrilled to finally learn their baby boy’s name.

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  1. Typical Amy for releasing info about new baby. This was done deliberately by Amy. She is real shrewd and I hope her husband catches on and puts her in her place.

    1. I thought the same thing. After watching Amy all these years one can read a person well. She has to be the center of attention. Shame on her for doing another stunt on putting herself in control.
      Jacob and Isabel. Congratulations on the birth of your first born child, a son. Just so sad how Amy took the joy of announcement away from you.

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