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Crazed Fan Stalks & Ruins Jenelle Evans Vacation With Kids?

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Jenelle Evans was enjoying a family trip with her kids and her husband, David Eason. Then, their trip was put on pause and they could not understand why. Finally, more details emerged and Jenelle could not believe how crazy the story had become.

Jenelle Evans, Trying To Enjoy The Holiday

She was just trying to have a fun family vacation for the fourth of July weekend. Jenelle, her husband, David, and her kids, Jace, Kaiser, and Ensley had embarked on an adventure. Along for the ride was David’s teenage daughter, Maryssa. One of the stops was the place where David had proposed to Jenelle. Of course, the lengths that the couple went through to capture a good family photo on top of a high mountain caught them a lot of heat. Still, they had plenty of fun and adventure ahead.

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Jenelle and David actually had just gotten back from a very special vacation to St. Thomas. She claimed the trip was “overdue” which was extremely sweet. Unfortunately, she caught a lot of heat for going on another quick trip with David shortly thereafter. Fans could not understand why she could not bring her children with her. Though she does spend a lot of home time with them, splashing in their pool, driving to get coffee, and other activities. Ultimately, it was time for a full family trip which was sadly disrupted as Jenelle documented on all of her social media outlets.

A Scary Fan And A Nightmare Trip

Jenelle Evans shared that halfway through her holiday trip, her Airbnb booking was canceled. She had no idea why so she immediately contacted them but they never got back to her. It ruined her vacation so she started to share this on her social media, especially on her Instagram story. The Teen Mom 2 alum wanted answers and soon learned that others had the exact same issue. She reached out to her followers to see if anyone had any connections to resolve this. Some attributed the cancellation to who she is and the fact that maybe she was disliked. Another noted that maybe it was because she does OnlyFans and they did not want that content in their booking. She shared it was a family vacay and that was the last thing she would be doing.

Jenelle Evans/Instagram

Finally, Jenelle discovered that a fan named Ruby had been messaging Airbnb relentlessly. She had also been mocking Jenelle’s children, which she also did not take kindly to. Luckily, the company did not listen to a word that Ruby had to say and Jenelle further exposed this crazed fan. It did not seem to help get their reservation back and the Evans-Eason family is still fuming.

Jenelle Evans/Instagram

In the end, Jenelle said she will no longer be posting photos of her children in order to protect their safety. Hopefully, the trip can be salvaged and this woman can be stopped.

Are you shocked that a fan would go this far to ruin Jenelle’s trip? Let us know in the comments.

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