Jenelle Evans Abandons Kids For Husband, Again?

Jenelle Evans YouTube

Jenelle Evans is off enjoying a vacation without her children, and fans aren’t happy! The Teen Mom 2 alum is facing backlash after she jetted off for another romantic trip with husband David Eason leaving children behind. Just weeks before this romantic getaway, the TV personality had just visited St. Thomas Caribbean Island, again without her children.

Jenelle Evans Posts On TikTok Showing Off Beach House Stay

The 30-year-old was on another beach vacation with David, and her children were nowhere to be seen. She recently posted a video compilation of her latest romantic getaway on her TikTok profile. In the video, the reality star relaxed on patio furniture as she talked to fans that she had a really long night. She later went on to reveal that her town had just welcomed a new coffee shop.

Jenelle Evans YouTube

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The mother of three further mentioned that they are staying at an Airbnb to get some work done but plan to visit the coffee shop. Jenelle then gave the fans glimpses of her beach house destination before turning the camera towards her to show off her outfit. The reality star donned a beach hoodie paired with classic gym shorts.

Jenelle and David Visit The Beach Coffee House

Further in the video, the actress pointed toward her vacation stay, asking the fans if they liked her new beach house. She then went on to confirm that it wasn’t hers but rented for the time being during her trip.

Janelle Evans TikTok

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As per The Sun, husband David also talked to the camera as the couple walked around the beach house. The 34-year-old noted that they are acting like tourists in their own town.

Jenelle Evans TikTok

[Source: TikTok]

Jenelle took charge of the camera and mentioned that they were walking as the beach and the coffee shop are both located close by in the same direction.

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[Source: TikTok]

Next in the video, the couple shared shots from inside the café, including items such as sweet treats, décor, and jewelry for sale.

However, fans did jump in to point out that their children were missing from this staycation.

Jenelle Evans And David Criticized For Being Bad Parents

Teen Mom fans created a Reddit thread to discuss the state of affairs as to why the couple didn’t bring the kids on this new trip. One user joked about how he takes his dog more places than the mother of three takes her kids to. Another ranted, asking why the couple fails to take their children alongside. They could have had to have some fun experiences and created some memories. They dubbed the couple bad parents who don’t care about their kids having a good time.

A third user mentioned that the kids are better off without them. They remembered the appalling cabin trip the couple had with their kids. The critic further mentioned how the couple kept screaming at the kids throughout the trip. During her previous Caribbean vacation, the reality star was criticized for sharing raunchy content.

Does is surprise you that Jenelle Evans took another kid-free vacation?

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